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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

The Lord thy God is a Jealous God. He sees you. He sees you forever and ever, Alan.

Is it bad of me to wonder how many of the persons in my internets squeeing over the (nude, strategically cropped*) promo photos of Daniel Radcliffe in Equus have, um, seen the play?

Because, um. I gotta say, something like fifteen years later, I still have intermittent Equus nightmares.

(amanuensis1, I figure you know what you're getting into and have no problem with it. But not everybody is you....)

OTOH: Poster? Totally awesome.

*yes, I deliver.


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those pictures were hot, and i have NEVER EVER EVER had a slashy pervy HP thought in MY WHOLE LIFE.

in fact, i thought "gods that's hot" and then:


i think i am traumatized.

i have only seen the movie version, also disturbing.

I look; I go "nice abs."

And then I remember what Alan did to the pony, and SQUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK.
... that's going to be one hell of a production.

And I salute Daniel Radcliffe for having the chutzpah to do it, too.

I'd kind of like to see the play sometime, just because I've heard it's a powerful piece of work.

But yeah, seriously with the squicked.
It's an *amazing* play.

But I'm not kidding about the nightmares.
Think of it as he's working on his acting chops.

Seriously working on 'em.

Set. Spike.


I have no problem with Radcliffe in the role. I think he's likely to do a bang-up job, actually, and I think it's a gutsy decision.

I just, um, wonder how many of the people squeeing that it's Harry Potter with his pants off know the plot of the play.
My sister played a horse in a production of Equus years and years ago. I try not to ever ever think about it.

That play would have put Clarice Starling one cell down from Dr. Lecter. :-P

With typical lesbian aplomb, I thought:

Huh. Harry is hairier than I expected.

Re: With typical lesbian aplomb, I thought:

You are a great big dyke and I love you for it.
Yeah, I saw the play. I avoided the movie when it was released because I knew the play too well. (I even performed the mother's monologue -- about the devil possessing Alan -- in high school. Liked that monologue. I think I still have some of it memorised.

I'm wondering how many parents haven't seen the play, won't read about it and will just take their Harry Potter-loving kids to it? I haven't checked to see if they're implementing some sort of age limit.

(Previews start on the 16th; I'm off for a week starting that night. Trying to decide if I want to try for cheaper preview tix if they're available, as I never saw the original in London -- only in the US. And I like the theatre where it will be playing. :)

It's an incredible play. If you go, report back on the production?

Might as well use a Potterverse icon for this...

I saw Equus on PBS. It gave me nightmares, and the horses in the play weren't real horses. They were actors wearing horses' heads. I dread to think what it'll be like with live animals.

I think that the squeeing people are just going mad over OMG NEKKID DAN RADCLIFFE. (The photo doesn't do a thing for me, but then I can't get past the image of Danny-Boy as eleven-year-old Harry Potter.)

I don't think that many of the squeeing masses know what Equus is about. I'm not sure they'd believe me, even if I told them.

Re: Might as well use a Potterverse icon for this...

I saw it in college. I had read the play.

I thought I was prepared.


Yanno, whenever somebody tells me something is "edgy," I want to make them go see Equus.
First reaction: Nice torso!
Second reaction: Oh wait, that's Harry Potter. *slaps self*
Third reaction: ...wait. Equus?
Fourth and final reaction: Oh my god, he's going to play Alan?!

The trauma and the squick, they both abound right now. I cannot separate one from the other.
Yeah. There is NO END TO THE WRONG.

It's kind of like the horrible realization that Bill Cosby used to be really, really hot.


...brilliant casting, though. *g*
hmm... very interesting. not having seen Equus, i'll just keep leaning on the idea that i'm 31 and he's always going to be much too young for me. that's ick factor enough. :D

and according to my calculator here, little Danny will still be underage (by US standards) by a couple months. i'm guessing the UK has a different age requirement for nudity?

having said that, of course i went to look at the pics and that poster doth rock.
The character Radcliffe plays blinds six horses with a metal spike.

That's not a spoiler. I have my copy here, and that's on page 4 of the actual script.

Nor is it what the play is about.

What the play is about is worse.

But yeah, if it lives up to that production design, it's going to be a lifetime performance.
I ushered for an excellent production, years back, and I agree on the nightmares. I was seriously freaked for a long time -- and as an usher I could get out of the room sometimes.
Yeah, but this is the production I wanna see.
I suspect, somehow, that there is going to be a lot of trauma for at least a few people.

And it will probably do them good.
The Royal Hunt of the Sun's not a barrel of laughs, either...I'm not sure Schaffer does lightsome social comedies. Radcliffe's making a smart choice, though. Robert Carlyle was nearly in danger of being typecast as the lovable Scottish policeman on TV series Hamish Macbeth and then defied convention by showing up as the psychotic Begbie in Trainspotting. You can see why DR wants to get away from the nice wholseome Potter associations if he's ever going to be taken seriously.
Amen dat.
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