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bear by san

March 2017



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Book Reports #11, 12, & 13

Two more volumes of Bone (The Dragonslayer and Rock Jaw) (see squeeing, above) and after the last post I had to go reread Peter Shaffer's Equus.

I am struck again by its enormous thematic resonance with A Clockwork Orange and The Stars My Destination. It must have been going around the ether, at the time.

Hell of a play.

In other news, I was going to make meatloaf but am out of eggs and milk, so I will walk down and buy those tomorrow, and the cat is clingy and obnoxious today, and I have heard that ARCs of New Amsterdam should be shipping out shortly. Woo! Now I will fret about reviews that I know exist, but haven't seen yet, and I will go play guitar, and then I will read more Bone and watch Dead Like Me and afterwards, write some more.

The days are just packed.


Wow, A Clockwork Orange, The Stars my Destination and Equus in the same sentence (almost) Its a lot more than 15 years since I saw it - Paul Schofield as the psychiatrist and a Firth as the boy (not Peter or John, possibly Colin?) - and while I don't nightmares I wouldn't have any objection to seeing another production. As you say, one hell of a play.

Stage nudity is much over-hyped (unless you have really powerful binoculars) I mean, how cold is your average theatre. Daniel Radcliffe wouldn't move me, although a wealthier me might have bought a ticket to see Kathleen Turner play Mrs Robinson in London.
Yay Dead Like Me! Yay George!
"That sweet young lady is going to give her heart to a nice young man who wears reading glasses and tweed and has never done blow off the belly of a dead prostitute."

I love that they're the reapers of souls and half of each episode happens in a house of pancakes.
Where the cook habitually dies. *g*
Yes! Oh God, I forgot about that. Jesus, they're all suck slackers, it's beautiful. Minimum wage deaths.
Dead Like Me is awesome...