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speak double dutch to a real double dutchess

Hee. I just found a chest voice I didn't know I had. It went away again after a verse, though, and won't come back.

Thankfully, you will probably never have to hear me sing unless you come to a WisCon karaoke party, as I am possessed of a single bizarre superpower: I can sing harmony to anything. Even when there is no melody to sing harmony to.

Also, I have absolutely no range. And a somewhat unpleasant singing voice.

On the other hand, I am an ABE Books featured author currently, and they have an interview and a cute if old photo of me up.* In keeping with the apparent Harry Potter theme of the day, that was taken at a Harry Potter party, and I was dressed up as a Ravenclaw.

Go figger.

P.S. I hear a rumor that there was a review of Carnival in the Washington Post Book World for January 21. I don't suppose anybody out there could check the recycling and see if they have it? It would be much appreciated.

*that book description in the sidebar is, er, not for Carnival. *g*
Tags: guitar god in training, narcissism

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