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Finished the Burgess book. Rather good, although I think he's missed some social/sexual/anthropological niceties and is sticking a little too close to Charles Nicholl's theories to really turn new ground. Put his characters and the world he moves them through are really compelling.

On to his Shakespeare next, and then sonnets and more sonnets. By which time I should have my hot little hands on the books from the UK. And there's still the book on the Renaissance family to consume.

I am really enjoying the plunge-back-into-Academia aspect of this: somewhere about halfway through Homosexuality in Renaissance England (take that as you may) I realized with some great glee that I haven't had this kind of reading-with-the-green-pen-in-hand-brain-engaged-fun since 1993 or so. (1993 is when I fled the University of Connecticut with my tail between my legs.)

I keep thinking I'd like to take some classes. But not at UNLV. And not really with a degree in mind, either. But I really miss the heavy-duty brainstuffing and the intellectual arguments.

Hmm. 'Course, I can get a lot of that hanging out with writers.

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