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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

la la la la la i can't hear you la la la la

What this calls for is a good old-fashioned shunning.


You know, in an ideal world, we could shun them all. :-P



*has loathing*

Re: *arrrrgh!*

I can't even loathe anymore. It's hovering somewhere between "pity" and "pest removal."

Re: *arrrrgh!*

More and more, I understand why a friend of mine refers to that station as "Faux News."
My first reaction was just "Shun, hell. Just shoot the fucker." Is that very wrong?
(Second reaction was "At least push him through a plate-glass window...anyone who mixes up falafel and loofah needs to not be around people anyway.")
A merciful god would just have him keel over of a brain aneurysm and then stray cats could feed on his body.

That's the only way he'd ever be a productive member of society.
I loathe and detest pedophiles. I would join the firing squad on them and then sleep well at night. Pedophilia is a choice to hurt someone for your own gratification, not to live, not to survive, just for pleasure. Same goes for rapists. And people who side with predators against the victims should be in the same level of hell that those predators are going to. arrrrgggghhhhh. I can't talk rationally about these people.
Tamora Pierce, on the other hand, is still a little bit more proof that stubborn old women are civilization.

She *rocks*.
(not that she's all that old. But you know what I mean.)
Somebody who kidnaps preadolescent children and rapes them is, in fact, a pedophile.
Unlike this kid who, really, isn't.
I understand your reservations. But, yep, rape is rape and I have no tolerance for it. Somehow, some way we've got to stop teaching people that using others, harming others is ok.
This is why I adore Keith Olbermann. Nearly every night The Really Big Head is the Worst Person in the World. Which he is. Forever.
Same man who lied about the Malmedy Massacre and blamed the G.I.s. He's scum.

But to blame the victim of a pederast....

Someone needs to pull a Joseph Welch and call him, and Fox News, out publicly.

Well, Oprah had the kid on as well... maybe she can use her power to finally get rid of this jackass.
I'd like to see Colbert do something--he (in character, of course) was all too chummy with O'Reilly when he was on Colbert's show. I think Colbert needs to step up, now.
I'm just not sure "ignoring" is good enough. When you ignore people, they often grow louder.

Those who don't think such acts are "so bad" and that the people who have suffered them deserve it or should have done something different - let's see how they react when it's their child, sibling, self.

Personally, I'm of the school that rapists should be castrated.
Personally, I'm of the school that rapists should be castrated.

Physically. Forget that "chemical castration" bullshit - let me get my rusty spork.
In my ideal world, we could peel his skin off in inch-wide strips and then roll him in salt. But I suspect you're a much nicer person than me.
that is actually a fantastic idea.
I have a cheese grater I don't want anymore...
In the words of Woody Allen, "Strong letters to the Times are all very well, but bricks and baseball bats really hit these people where they live."
How can someone ask 'why didn't they leave?' and NOT immediately imagine the fear this poor child must have been living in? There are so many reasons Shawn would have been too afraid to try to make his way home. Ugh.

There's a boy in our area who's been missing about that long, and the bastards haven't been caught yet. (In fact, when I saw a local headline about a missing boy being found after four years, I thought maybe it was him.) They are free, and Daniel's twin brother has to cut his birthday cake alone. Bastards. Utter, utter bastards.

I have two sons. Do what you like to these people. And their defenders. I'll help.