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Book Reports, #s 14, 15, 16, 17

Bone: Old Man's Cave
Bone: Ghost Circles
Bone: Treasure Hunters
Bone: Crown of Horns**

In summary, let me say:

"The end of the world, of course."
"You are so weird."
"Chin up, Phoncible. We won't give up the valley without a fight."

And also:

"There's not enough destruction to go around, we gotta have evil too?"

And additionally:

"How deep is it supposed to be?"
"Bottomless. I didn't know you could really do that."

And in conclusion:

"We're in a bit of a hurry. The world is ending, remember?"

Narratively I find the denouement a little too tidy. Too many takebacks on the maimings, though the deaths are for real, and I think there are some missed beats where the emotional impact could be reinforced.. Unlike LotR, where the prices are paid in souls and futures, I think Bone is missing the gutpunch that I think could have really elevated it to the level of profound genius.

So it will just have to labor along as a mere enduring classic of the genre.

So sad.

Now go read it already.

**After this, back to real books. No more cheating with graphic novels until I sit down and read all of The Invisibles.
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