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if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy

[21:25] matociquala: Also?
[21:25] matociquala: Jamie is kind of scary with his shirt off.
[21:25] matociquala: where kind of = orangutan
[21:25] matociquala: that's a LOT of patchy orange fur
[21:26] leahbobet: heeeeeeeeee
[21:26] matociquala: I love the mythbusters, but teh sexx they are not
[21:53] stillsostrange: I dunno, I think Adam's pretty darn cute
[21:59] matociquala: (OH, God, Amanda, you just catapulted me to a horrible Mythbusters revelation)
[22:00] stillsostrange: hee
[22:00] matociquala: You know what it is, don't you?
[22:00] stillsostrange: ...
[22:00] stillsostrange: *waits*
[22:01] matociquala: Somewhere on the Internet, there is ...
[22:01] matociquala: inevitably....
[22:01] stillsostrange: snerk
[22:01] matociquala: Mythbusters RPS.
[22:01] stillsostrange: *dies*
[22:01] katallen: no
[22:01] matociquala: *pokes eyes out with golden brooches*
[22:01] katallen: some things just cannot be
[22:02] stillsostrange: *does not go there*
[22:02] stillsostrange: *goes anyway*
[22:02] stillsostrange: That would be some very elaborate slash
[22:02] matociquala: This is in part my own fault, because I was just sitting here thinking about how cute it is that Adam constantly puts his life in Jamie's hands.
[22:02] matociquala: Rube Goldberg, even
[22:02] stillsostrange: Yes
[22:03] stillsostrange: Jamie's strong, manly hands
[22:03] matociquala: Because it is ALWAYS Adam who does the incredibly stupid thing with Jamie holding the rope.
[22:03] matociquala: NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[22:03] matociquala: (and his patchy orange chest)
[22:04] stillsostrange: *squeaks*
[22:04] stillsostrange: *whimpers*
[22:04] stillnotbored: the ambiguously gay duo?
[22:04] stillsostrange: That mustache is pretty unambiguous
[22:04] *** tanaise has joined the chat.
[22:04] katallen: Hi Celia
[22:04] matociquala: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[22:04] stillnotbored: just flashing on old SNL cartoons
[22:05] stillnotbored: good old Ace and Gary *g*
[22:05] stillsostrange: (And by "how" I mean, "what game mechanic would account for this")
[22:05] matociquala: I am so blogging this.
[22:05] katallen: lalalalala
[22:05] leahbobet: LOL
[22:05] stillsostrange: My tummy feels funny now.
[22:05] stillnotbored: I'm thinking amanda
[22:05] stillsostrange: Make the bad brain stop.
[22:06] matociquala: No.
[22:06] matociquala: No.
[22:06] matociquala: Think nice safe thoughts
[22:06] stillnotbored: does this help?
[22:06] matociquala: That don't involve naked mythbusters
[22:06] matociquala: or worse, nekked mythbusters
[22:06] katallen: don't make me get the cricket bat
[22:06] stillnotbored: :)
[22:07] katallen: and I looked
[22:07] stillnotbored: heh
[22:07] stillsostrange: I read the url.  :P
[22:07] matociquala: Never look.
[22:07] tanaise: Nekkid is nude with intent.
[22:07] matociquala: Exactly my point, celia
[22:07] stillnotbored: no one is naked in that picture
[22:07] katallen: it had wiki in it
[22:08] katallen: if it's sans nekkid mythbusters then it is *good*
[22:10] matociquala: That's what I love about you guys.
[22:11] matociquala: There is always somebody who will take me to an even worse place than I went myself
[22:11] tanaise: like nekkid mythbusters?
[22:11] tanaise: cause really, there has yet to be a worse place than that.
[22:11] katallen: and we're not going there
[22:11] matociquala: Nekked mythbusters was the recovery phase
[22:11] matociquala: I *am* blogging this.
[22:11] matociquala: You are warned
[22:11] katallen: or I sing Barry Manilow
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