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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
224 / 400

(or maybe)

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
224 / 440

1500 words this morning, to a total Word count of 46,980 and a total page count of 224. Movng past the halfway point with a smoothness that worries me a little: it gets me waiting for the other piano to drop. In any case, it is now time to quit and go take a shower.

I feel kind of mighty: there was a Fateful Meeting and a lot of exposition handled, I think, pretty smoothly. And the characters were full of snark:

"The world has a name," said Samael. "Its name is Jacob's Ladder."

"I know," Perceval replied. "It's painted on the side."


"Somebody is going to have to get eaten. I'm sure you can understand my position."

Tyop: earrings and finger-fings.
My morning glamour! today was cat vomit.
Words I had to teach Word: serotonin, razory, viewscreens, resurrectees, unblades, dammit, flumph, footrail, achingly, dayside, waystar, spaceworthy, demiurge, Israfel, kinked, Shakziel (patron angel of water insects, don't you know), biosupport, hornier, biosystems, vanishment, cherrywood, mutagen, choosers, demiurges,

420.6 miles to Rivendell
Tags: jacob's ladder, progress notes

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