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bear by san

March 2017



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writing headbang

the glamour

This? Is pretty much my day.

Only without the stubble.


*dies* I just showed that to my mom, and the howls of recognition were deafening.

(at one point I said "and now, the nap." And sure enough...)

Only there was no shoving-off of inquisitive cats. That's part of the hour-by-hour routine around here...

I try to avoid naps because they make me stupid.

But yeah.

Just yeah.
There are 9...count'em 9 cats here on the ranch. If I were to try and fit all nine in the video I would've wasted...
...no wait...
...I have an idea...give me a few days for part II ;)
Yup, that's my day in a six minute video.
All right, WHO spied on me?... (that would be me, with the constant coffee. WOrd.)
it's tea, by me.

And I suspect, horribly... it's all of us.
Me too, for tea. But am I the only one who plays computer games and makes/reads LJ posts?

My God, it's full of coffee!

Thing is... I got it into my head to do up my first draft in longhand. And with a fountain pen.

There's probably a reason why an author's "about the author" photo doesn't feature him or her looking distastefully into a coffee mug... :)
Do you do that thing with the pens?
The twirling thing or the nose thing?
2 nostrils..
2 pens...
Oh you mean the twirlie thingie... years of practice boredom studying nuclear power in the US Navy.
Your tax dollars hard at work ;)
The pen twirling was quite impressive!

My only question is, when the heck did you go to the bathroom after drinking all that coffee?
O.o ?! brb---biobreak!
I actually meant the nose thing. Cool as the twirlie thing is, I find the idea of Bear doing the nose thing far more amusing.
you notice it's an opaque cup...