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o, my god. I do not actually have to write tomorrow.

So there are benefits to being an anal-retentive type A personality and driven by deadlines. 8750 words to the end of my novel_in_90 commitment, which is nice, because it means that I am way ahead of the game and the book ain't even sold yet, so there is no delivery date.

ARCs for New Amsterdam showed up today and they are pretty.

truepenny has the CEM for the smutty subversive companion animal fantasy, and it's due back at TOR on Feb 16.

Nothing else due in the near future except the page proofs for Undertow and Whiskey & Water (whenever they show up) and a space opera novella for an anthology thingy.

I have to write my column for, but I have a draft of something not too lame and an idea for March's column, so that's more or less under control.

You know, I think I might just fuck off for a week, or until the next crisis arises. Pass the goddamn schnapps. We're finished here, for the time being.

Things to do this year:

draft Pinion
revise Pinion
Pinion CEM
revise Ink & Pen
Ink & Pen CEM
Undertow galleys
A Companion to Wolves CEM
A Companion to Wolves galleys
Whiskey & Water galleys
write "Periastron"
rewrite All the Windwracked Stars
write Bone and Jewel Creatures

Write a short story or two so they don't forget you.
Monthly columns for Storytellersunplugged and Subterranean

Yeah, you thought this job was easy, yo?
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