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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

cool writer tricks #75a (or) why Tolkien's longwinded exposition in dialogue works, and yours* don't


Or, because his is epic poetry with the line breaks taken out.

*that's the first-person "you," there, if you** are new around here.

**second-person you


It's interesting to see writers of high fatnasy notice this and then go too far -- and put recitations-n-reports into absolutely regular meter (without line breaks). Thumpety-thump doesn't work any better, guys. Prose scansion is not poetry scansion.


Well, and he's giving it a very anglo-saxon flavor with his alliteration and rhythmical and repetition patterns
That's because much of his descriptive details come directly from the Anglo-Saxon and Nordic poetry he taught. (re: The Wanderer and "Where now the horse and rider", and the description of Heorot in Beowulf, and that of Edoras.)

Toller's and his lyricism is just out of this world. It'll be a long while before we have somebody to live up to his imagination and style.:) You really need to understand the construct of Anglo-Saxon poetry to pull it off.
I wonder if that’s part of how I got hooked on fantasy in the first place? My mother read The Hobbit to me when I was in kindergarten, and I liked it so much she started on The Fellowship of the Ring, and I got so impatient I began reading ahead on my own. *paf*! There went her plans for introducing me to classic children’s literature, thanks to the power of my library card.
By an amazing coincidence, this is also true of the writer named Tolkien.
*g* Yanno, if you are going to mock my typing, we're going to be here ALL WEEK.

"Teh" and "amnd" are also specialities. *g*
No, no, I only do proper names, and mostly only those associated with the genre. ("Tolkein" is the commonest error, followed, most likely, by "Delaney.")

If you want abuse over your other typos, that's the office down the hall.
Fair enough. And I do appreciate the making-me-look-smarter effect.

...it is your job to edit, after all, but it is not your job to edit me. (tyop corrected, BTW. And thank you. *g*)