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you think we are sleeping--we're coiling like rattlesnakes and scars

1824 words last night and this morning. Mean thing: Tristen and Benedick are ganging up to coparent Rien.

Sixteen sucks. Rien has two daddies. And they're !Benedict and !Elric.


The rest of the day's agenda looks like this:

pay bills essay (this means I need to do an afternoon writing session too, but at least it could be a short one.)

eat something
answer pile of emails

Oh, and start going over the page proofs for Undertow, which just arrived. And are due back at Bantam Spectra on the 20th. This means that soon there will be ARCs, though. Yay! (Pub date, last week of July/first week of August)

Boskone is the weekend of the 17th, we note.

And the CEM for A Companion to Wolves, which should be arriving from truepenny tomorrow, is due back at Tor on the 16th.

I love my job, but it is not always easy. And sometimes, there is a lot of it.

...and I just realized, by the end of this year, if things keep doing okay enough to justify reprints, I will have ten books in print, counting the collection.

Wow. That is pretty damned cool, that is.

(Things should slow down after 2010. *g* I'm still working through the things I wrote after Hammered and before it sold, really. Pinion is my seventeenth novel, of which only five (not counting the collection) are already in print. But most of them are currently sold, which is kind of amazing.)

So, I am here to tell you that working your tuchus off for years and years actually can have some good results, when all is said and done. Now, if I can just manage not to saturate the market... I hope most of what I write is different enough from most of what I write to avoid that issue, though.  So, er, yanno. I suspect there's a couple of niches there.

I did just come up with something tremendously cool for Pinion, which means, with luck and a shoehorn, I will get through that in tonight's writing session. Thus buying myself an extra day, until tomorrow morning, to figure out what Rien almost just stepped in.

Also, I want to figure out how to get a hot spring on a starship. I'm thinking reactor coolant leak, personally.

415.8 miles to Rivendell.

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