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In which Perceval Discovers The Awful Troof.

Well, actually, she discovers the Awful Troof tonight after NCIS, which I will actually watch, this once, instead of having on for backgroudn noise while I write, because it's a DMc-centric episode.

In the meantime, though, because I have a list of things I am supposed to do today, I am going to make hot cocoa as my reward for going to gym. And then I guess I had better write my column. And then I will start reading Undertow.

I had a backup one, but I wasn't very happy with it, so I had been thinking about writing about Christopher Marlowe, but then it hit me. Because it's come up a bunch in various places recently, I want to talk about the differences between a thriller plot, a whodunnit plot, and a procedural plot.

Tune in tomorrow!

NB. I'm not a mystery writer. But these have applications outside of the mystery/suspense genre too, and one place I think a lot of SFF falls down in on the plot.

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