bear by san

December 2021



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Glass-topped caskets are never a good sign.

I just wrote a sentence* that I think was meant to be delivered to H.P. Lovecraft, and has probably been waiting in the dead letter office for the better part of a century now,

It doesn't matter. I'm keeping it. Those damned storks are always bringing story bits to the wrong house.

Also, Perceval has noticed that Dust is madder than a box of frogs.

You would think, when your ship's AI starts running you through Gothic setpieces, you might clue in, but yanno, we love her for her purity and noble purpose, even if she is a little thick between the ears.

*[The stair] brought them underground, down a spiral into darkness--or what would have been darkness, had not Dust begun on the second revolution to exude a pallid glow.


Does her ship's AI give her access to Gothic novels, though? If the library is sentient and insane, you can't learn about How Stories Work very efficiently.

Ugh. A sentient, insane library. Nightmares ahoy!
That is, in fact, a handy pocket description of the trilogy's antagonist.

Elsewhere described as "The Angel of ROM."

I love this book.
Aaaaah! Next you'll be telling me that the interface terminal has tentacles which are squamous and rugose.
Oh no.

He's very suave.
Could he be....SATAN?

Hee. This's gonna be fun.
Hee, a mad AI with a liking for Gothic architecture? I can't wait to read this novel. It seems to be full of Shiny Things.
Perceval is a parfait gentil knight. They are not selected for being the brightest porch light on the block.

In fact, one could argue that being the brightest porch light on the block is selected AGAINST in the evolution of parfait gentil knights.
Amen dat.

Also, those bonks on the teakettle make for dumb.

And she has Rien to be smrt for her.
Ooh, I like it, probably more than I should.
Aiee! Shub nigguruth!

Very Lovecraftian indeed!
Not really - it's in no wise florid enough. Nor does it use enough obscure words.
I still intend to buy it though - it seems like great fun.
Ah, exudations. Can it be a pallid liquid glow? Y'know, just something a little bit sticky...



(Or, perhaps, Hardy in one of his blacker moods.)