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we're here to rescue you

Whew. And that was day one of the deathmarch. Six pages of Pinion written, a hundred pages of the Undertow page proofs gone over, and the first three chapters of the A Companion to Wolves CEM corrected. Now I am going to goof off for half an hour and then watch Mythbusters and Criminal Minds.

So that tomorrow, I can get up and do it again.

This schedule is expected to persist through Sunday, more or less, because I have engagements Friday and Saturday that might prevent me from getting through that many manuscript pages each day.

Even on the three thousandth read, A Companion To Wolves managed to suck me in by page 32. It's all pacy and actiony and fun, and Isolfr is such a brave little toaster. I am noticing some cool stuff I had forgotten, and which we left very quiet, at the back of things. Like the fact that Skjaldwulf is probably, oh, twenty-eight or so, and he's one of the old, stringy, phlegmatic dudes.

These guys have a rough life. Most of them don't make it to thirty.

Of course, all the world will be too hung up on the gay to notice, but hey. I'm happy that we remembered to put that in there.

And now, I am off the clock.
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