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and a voice spake out of the whirlwind and said

It's my blog and I'll fangirl if I want to. *g*

Updates as watched. *g*

They do, in fact, establish in the opening shot that there is only one killer. I thought so.

Mockingbirds, like Reid, have no concern for their own safety. *g*

JJ has a pretty belly.

Hotch drinks Guinness.

Morgan is so cute playing serial killer in his ickle blue booties.

JJ manipulating obnoxious cops and then winking at Hotch is love. So is JJ ruffling Reid's hair. Screw it, JJ is love.

Reid has a different color heavy-duty nitrile lab gloves every ep. He is not going to die of a needle stick if he can help it.

And Gideon can identify any Bible quote in half a verse. And Mandy has a complete lexicon of winces for any occasion.

Man, I will never look at a loose box the same way again. Also, nice textbook establish of the Cell Signal Issue.

Hah! And the local cop cracks the case for once.

Beautiful cut there with Hotch realizing just what's about to happen from way too far away to do anything about it, and then the unsub opening the door on Reid and JJ.

Reid begging to use the bathroom is love. He's learned to use his awkwardness.

Reid, like mockingbirds, has no concern for his own safety.

I think Reid forgets he has a physical body which can be in SCARY PERILOUS DANGER even while his giant brain is working.

"You've ever seen me pull this thing out when I wasn't [sure]?"


Three dogs, three shots, one startled yelp, one scream. The blond can handle herself.


Bathetic fallacy!

Also, psychopath-boy is cute with the Russian Roulette. And hello, PTSD JJ. She's been much too sane for too long. It was inevitable.

Ow. Ow. Ow. The feet? That hurts.

Spencer is going to have to use every bit of that giant brain to get out of this one.

...and another hint of Prentiss' damage.

Dad in the ice locker! How very Norman Bates.

"You're weak."
"You're right."


Hee. And there's the payoff for the setup we get in "The Popular Kids," when Reid lit into Morgan on trust and betrayal issues.

HAH! "We think Tobias may have killed his father." "Well GOOD FOR HIM."

And Gideon... understands angels.

And yes, we do not mess around when we break someone.

And oh, Gideon is smart and I love him.

And I also like the ongoing thing where nobody will pick up anybody else's burden, ever. It is always on the guy. You are alone.

Also, I love young!Reid NOT LOOKING AT THE BOOK while mom is reading. Trying to experience it like everybody else.

Ooo, JJ/Garcia friendship strain. And Gideon supporting Garcia is lovely.

Also, that was not a pretty seizure.

Oh, and Gideon self-justifying again. Every time he makes a mistake. Beautiful.

And they are again with the privileging and mythologizing smarts. Also, MGG knocks my socks off. He can act.

And I guess Hotch's shooting lessons are paying off.

And oh man, saw that ending coming since the Tanqueray Incident.

Yeah, that worked.

I completely and utterly admire the integrity of this show in demonstrating something TV never shows.

Everybody breaks under torture.

Everybody. Breaks.


God bless 'em for telling the truth for once.

It looked like Gideon twigged that something was up there at the end.

Well, that totally takes the hurt/comfort kink and rips the fucking cord out the wall, now, don't it? Man. I don't know how anybody could see that as sexy or titillating. That was the real deal, complete with cringing and vomit and snot. I think I love this show.

Also, I would not want to be Spencer Reid at the end of this ep, even before he does back to the body. Just in terms of--son needs a CAT scan now. And being Reid, he has to know it. Let's see, that's a pistol-whipping and a definite concussion (note how the Spencer-POV is all blurry? Blow to the temple hard enough to knock him out, also), a beating (fists), enough drugs to knock him unconscious three times, and a fall backwards onto a floor while restrained, AFTER suffering two other head injuries, and the lot of it precipitating a tonic-clonic seizure resulting in unconsciousness and not breathing for upwards of two minutes.

We are talking brain injury here, and if I were his author, I'd be within my rights to hit him with temporal lobe scarring and potential epilepsy.

Given the general respect this show has for damage, we might even get to see him scared to death about that, which would be interesting.

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