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they'll tell you that the darkness is a blessing in disguise

for you never have to notice if you're sighted or you're blind.

1754 last night and this morning, despite major distractions last night in contemplating the after-effects of repeated head trauma, and the Presumptuous Cat doing her damnedest to get a second job as a pair of mittens. I only slept between five and seven, really, but fortunately wasn't running a sleep deficit all ready so I should be fine.

I think I've just written one of the best scenes of my life.

I'm gonna go take a break for an hour, drink some coffee, watch a little TV, and then come back and do my hundred pages on A Companion to Wolves and my hundred pages on Undertow.

No gym today; it's archery day. Huzzah!

But, almost forgot: 409.4 miles to Rivendell!
Tags: jacob's ladder, progress notes

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