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bear by san

March 2017



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writing gorey earbrass unspeakable horro

Some days, you can just tell that the universe thinks it's pretty fucking funny.

Carnival has been nominated for a Lambda Award for SFF, along with these fine titles.

And Liz, my editor (not to be confused with Anne, my editor, or Beth, my editor, or Bill, my editor, or Jeremy, my editor... er, you get the idea) has just emailed to let me know that the page proofs for Whiskey & Water (Or, as she likes to call it, Big Gay Smut, possibly because there is no gay smut in it) are underway and due back 2/26.

100 pages of Undertow page proofs read today, and 100 pages of A Companion To Wolves page proofs read today.

Did I mention that W&W is 155K, or over six hundred manuscript pages?


The good news is, it looks like I won't have much to do for the rest of the year.... except that killer convention schedule. And revising two or three novels.


Ooh! Jim Grimsley has a new book out! I'll have to see if I can find this one.

I'm sure you'll romp it, Bear. I'm going to hide under the bed until it's over.

Or at least peer from behind the settee.

It's all about the settee
Woohoo! Congrats on more shiny nominations!
Oh excellent news. Congratulations.
Heh I just grabbed the, I'm sure no longer, "Advance reading copy" of Carnival from the box of books that dear mom gets from SFFWA.

Time for some laid back couch reading. =]

Hee. Enjoy!
Have you posted a convention schedule somewhere? Are you going to DragonCon?
No dragoncon for me! Too big, too media-centric. *g*
If Carnival wins an award, I promise you, I'll go out and buy it straight away. Otherwise, it's somewhere around #4 or #7 on my To-Get-ASAP List...^_^ (Sorry, honey, Four and Twenty Blackbirds is slightly above it...*shrug*)
...so if I have Cherie killed, I get your money?

If you have Cherie killed, I will see to it that *you* are killed... Perhaps if I get a job soon, I can just get both at the same time, and avoid any hawt chick fights... What am I saying? Quick! You get some mud, while Cherie can get her camera, and I'll bring the popcorn!
heh. congrats on the lammy nomination.
Still coming to ACUS? It's over a month away and I'm already jonesing... Plus haven't seen you in ages and ages!
Gonna do my best.