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aw, drat.

I was going to blind somebody tonight, but alas, preliminary research indicates that I need an actual flash for retinal burns; a few hours soaking in a radioactive stew won't do it. (Cataracts would be a nice backup, but they have magictech and will be To Help before that develops.)

I guess this goes in the Big Folder Of Things That Never Happened, But Should Have. Along with making Michelangelo eat a caterpillar.

A writer's life is so very hard.

At least I got to make their hair fall out.

I see a few new faces around: please feel free to introduce yourselves, or lurk quietly in the corners, or comment as the spirit moves you. I don't always answer comments, especially when I am on a deadline deathmarch, like now, but I always appreciate them.

Beer and soda in the fridge, but I think we're out of ice again.
Tags: jacob's ladder, my characters plot my downfall, the writer at work

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