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bear by san

March 2017



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rengeek player king

aw, drat.

I was going to blind somebody tonight, but alas, preliminary research indicates that I need an actual flash for retinal burns; a few hours soaking in a radioactive stew won't do it. (Cataracts would be a nice backup, but they have magictech and will be To Help before that develops.)

I guess this goes in the Big Folder Of Things That Never Happened, But Should Have. Along with making Michelangelo eat a caterpillar.

A writer's life is so very hard.

At least I got to make their hair fall out.

I see a few new faces around: please feel free to introduce yourselves, or lurk quietly in the corners, or comment as the spirit moves you. I don't always answer comments, especially when I am on a deadline deathmarch, like now, but I always appreciate them.

Beer and soda in the fridge, but I think we're out of ice again.


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I keep bringing ice but it disappears like it's water!
I've stopped even trying to keep up with the canapes.
Awe too bad you just can't make all the blood vessels in the back of the retina go kablooey instead.

I wandered here via a friend of a friend type link, then stayed because you're on my to-read list. Sorry, your books are on my to-read list. (I've been informed that despite the common misconception, authors are not their books...)

I did try to make a start when I was at the library last week, only I picked up Worldwired first by mistake instead of Hammered, so I stopped reading after the first few pages (when I realised that backstory was happening) and read some graphic novels instead.

I am looking forward to the trilogy though. There were a few definite hooks for me in the blurb - Canadian, cyborg, virtual worlds. Made me think of Joel Shepherd and Crossover, which I loved. Oh yes, and then I read the OWW news and noticed your name. (I was a member when it was free, then I paid, but didn't write anything, so I stopped.)

So that's why I stopped by.

Nice to meet you! And thanks for commenting--and stopping by--and flattering. *g*

With an invitation like that . . .

I have no idea how I got here; possibly through Scalzi, possibly through hearing LibraryThing sing your praises, possibly through Making Light, probably some combination of all three. I'm certainly enjoying being here, though. My girlfriend has started referring to her bread machine as her bread robot.

And as long as I'm here, I've got a question. I was in a new-and-used bookstore a couple months ago and picked up a copy of _The Chains That You Refuse_. Thing is, it's not got the pretty dark-blue-green cover I see on Amazon and places; it's got a white cover with the title, your name, and a number of blurbs. The back has the title, author, price, and ISBNs, and a two-paragraph description, and at the bottom states that it's "available from Diamond Book Distribution or directly from Night Shade Books" with contact info. I'd think it was an ARC, except that it's got quotes and an ISBN, and doesn't say REVIEW COPY or anything like that anywhere. What the devil is it?

Re: With an invitation like that . . .

That is an ARC! Congratulations!

Who knows, it might be a collector's item someday.
Beer. Whiskey. Beer. Whiskey. Ah, to heck with it - LET'S RAID BEAR'S FRIDGE!!!!
fungi, glass splinters, chemical burns, ameobae, little radioactive worms?.. see Pan's Labyrinth yet?
Who has time to go to the movies?
I've stalked your LJ before and there was the n00b-questions email, but, hello! I think I passed you on the deathmarch earlier in the day. I've found deadlines are easier to bear when I've got Conan the Barbarian on TV at the same time.
Hee. I can't watch TV and work. Too distracting. Aeeeee.
I probably don't count as new, but...

Hi. I'm Andy. And I'm a LJ-aholic...
...nerve damage? Zapped nanites clouding vision? Nanites forming a shield to keep the brain from frying, but with nasty side effects? (I just failed to kill off a character, and I'm trying to make up for it.)

I stayed up late last night finishing Carnival. I'm not sure making Michaelangelo eat a caterpillar could have upped the coolness factor--there wasn't very far to go.
Thank you! I would have liked to kick him in the cultural assumptions a little more, but hey...

Ohhh, I rarely have to worry about hurting people sufficiently.

Just snuff a few. The reader gets the idea. *g*
I called the ice man and put in a new order.

Have you considered corneal damage? I'm just sayin'...
I had, but it's hardly worth it. *g*
I'm here most days, sneaking in via that secret door next to the hall closet that connects to truepenny's place. usually spend my time half behind the recliner in the corner, just listening. I suppose I could bring deviled eggs, if the caterer is being unreliable. I make killer pesto deviled eggs.

Oh, I love deviled eggs.
You're out of ice. Have you looked at the thermometer?

Put whatever-it-is you wanted iced out on the windowsill until it's appropriately chilled. (Just don't leave it out until it freezes. Unless it's alcoholic and you want to fortify it by freezing the water off. In which case, carry on.)

Out of ice. <shakes head>
PS: Two digits to the left of the decimal today in Chicagoland, and neither of them is a negative sign. It's a heat wave! Break out the beach umbrellas!

oh, yea, hi, and I am ...

I do this in real life too (not introducing myself until the third or fourth meeting) ...

I snuck in here after reading your blogs on muneraven's friends list and definitely after reading the World Wired series (working through Blood and Iron now).

Great books, and a wonderful blog!!!

Re: oh, yea, hi, and I am ...

Thank you!

You want blinding eye conditions? Email me directly, and I can give you all kinds of ways to blind people. We do research on preventing these things, so I have some information on hand. ;-)

My email is my username "at yahoo dot com".
Thank you, but no--this was an opportunistic blinding. *g*

I never pass up a chance to disfigure or cripple somebody if it presents itself.
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