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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I am not yet ready to write this scene.

It is going to be a hard scene to write. Because I am on page 284 of the manuscript, and the climax is about to begin, and in this scene, I need to set up a bunch of stuff. Also, there will be Angst. And Draaaaaaaaaaaaaama. (But no manpain.)

I got through the muddle in surprisingly good order, I think. And now I have 115 pages, or so, in which to bring this down to a satisfying concluson.

I did, in fact, figure out the ending yesterday. I mean, I had a general idea of the ending a while back, and I wrote the last line back about page 100. But that does not ameliorate the need for some boom at the end (, like that) and I was sadly lacking in boom. I had engineering, which is nice. Now I have boom. Rather a lot of boom.

And a swordfight.

In spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace.

So I think I am giving myself A Day Off while I think and think and think some more. Maybe a whole weekend off. Well, not off, because I have got one (1) copy-edited manuscript here, and two (2) sets of page proofs (the interior design for Whiskey & Water makes me happy) to get through. But off from generating real word count. Although I wanted to finish this thing by the end of the month. But yanno, it's also not like I have to. That's a self-inflicted deadline, rather than a real deadline.

The deadlines on the CEM and the page proofs, those are real deadlines.

And just because I can work myself sick, doesn't mean I have to.

Also, Pinion is at 59,999 words as of now, and that makes me amused. (That's MS Word wordcount. The wordcount that matters, the manuscript count, is 71,250.) Which means, realistically, I have nearly three quarters of the book done. So this is a good time to take the 759 words I wrote last night, before bed, and call it good.

And now I am going to go finish the page proofs for Undertow, which are either very clean, or I am very blind. (I'm a lousy proofreader. It's good to be honest about one's shortcomings.)


You may have explained this at some point and I missed it, but I am curious-- why are the Word and the Manuscript wordcounts different?
Word counts Actual Words. so "a" is a word and so is antidisestablishmentarianistally.

Manuscript "words" are measured by how much space they take up on the page. So the line of dialogue, "Yes." counts for an entire line of words.

Because what matters is how many lines you can fit on a page.
Aha! I am enlightened. Thank you.

I actually (finally) had to create a LJ account to ask this question, but someone beat me to it! (Mmm, LJ . . . MySpace for people with jobs.)

The answer is reassuring, actually, because I tend to be dialog-heavy.
Engineering is a good place for things to go boom.

"There's always a boom tomorrow" -- S. Ivanova.

Congratulations on finishing, yes?

Pinion & Cleave

Eh. It'll always be Dust to me.

Re: Congratulations on finishing, yes?

Hee. The whole thing is Dust.