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bear by san

March 2017



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writing whiskey devil

Page 78 of the Whiskey & Water page proofs.

Why is there no fun in my Internets to distract me from working?

Are you people all, what, sleeping? C'mon, it's Sunday morning! Time to work!

...okay, maybe my schedule has become somewhat skewed.

When I get to page 100, I am taking a bath.


I'm working. I'll amuse you later.

Hee. By then I will probably be over needing distraction.
AMC is showing slashy submarine movies....
Wow. Bored at 8 in the morning?

Um...you could read my riveting blog. Or not.

Suitably distracted?

I'm curious as to why you asked the font question. Feeling superstitious? I'd think anything that's not a strange or sans serif would be acceptable. (Speaking as someone who used to be a newspaper and publications editor.)
Nope, not feeling superstitious at all.

I use Courier, unless somebody asks for something else.
Hm. Coming from a newspaper background, to me Courier screams newspaper, or at least "typewriter." I've never had anyone complain, but, when not using a Times or Times-related font, I used to set publications in Palatino or Garamond. I send out stories in Garamond still. It's a lovely font.

I've actually not read some books because the font choice is so bad--either something sans serif or just plain distracting.

BTW, I stumbled into your journal because silk_noir is a friend, and I was looking for a friend of hers when I accidentally went to the friends' blogs rather than the list of friends. Howdy.
Why *would* you feel superstitious? (That's a rhetorical thingummy.) It's not like there are enough hours in the day for you to have more writing work to do.

Anyhow, I was fascinated by the survey, and how consistent the responses have been. Not being in the business, I would not have guessed that Courier would be so strongly preferred - to me, it's an ugly font, and I'm not used to thinking about it the way an editor/slushreader would. I would have thought, obviously, nothing elaborate or cutesy or hard to read, and for anything non-technical, presumably avec-serif, but I wouldn't have thought about layout concerns or the other things. I use palatino as a default on my own screen because I find it easier on the eyes than Times or Times New Roman. Now I know to reformat before submitting, if/when I go to submit a story.
I was making blueberry muffins. Can't you smell 'em?

Now I'm going to go work out. Um. I would recommend continuing to focus your nose on the blueberry muffins. There's nothing wrong with Sweaty Girl Stink per se, but -- blueberry muffins. I mean.
Just for you, a bar bet with whiskey and water trading places, just like Dan Ackroyd and Eddie Murphy, but with less infodump about the commodity markets.


ee. that broke my laptop.
Broke your laptop?

Let me guess -- it was the part where Eddie Murphy broke the fourth wall, wasn't it?
No, I mean it hanged my laptop when I tried to play it.
I'm not sure how to fix that.

Suffice it to say, the bet guy gets the whiskey and the water to switch glasses. Also, frozen concentrated orange juice is overpriced.

poing poing

I'm working on a sunday morning, too. the only internets fun I've had is reading the Post Secrets this morning.
I just made and consumed a baked apple pancake and posted a link to a strange little non-worksafe video clip on my LJ. :-)