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[00:52] matociquala: okay, should I be creeped out that I can make a fairly convincing conspiracy theory case that the TV show I have been pimping to all and sundry is FBI public safety propaganda?
[00:53] katallen: hee
[00:53] matociquala: Although man, it would have to be the smartest propaganda ever.
[00:54] matociquala: But I gotta tell you, I bet this show has 90% of its viewers checking their locks, changing their passwords, and putting stickies over their webcams
[00:54] leahbobet: heee.
[00:54] katallen: ::grins::
[00:54] matociquala: And then there's the public education aspect.
[00:54] matociquala: "No, actually, THIS is what most Satanists are like."
[00:54] matociquala: "And they're pretty harmless."
[00:55] matociquala: "Also, the monsters live next door and look just like you, and the cops rarely arrive in time."
[00:55] matociquala: "Furthermore, please don't fuck up your children so severely that they grow up to be cannibals and we have to put them down."
[00:55] matociquala: "Love, the BAU."
[00:56] matociquala: P.S.
[00:56] katallen: ::sniggering out loud::
[00:56] matociquala: We here at the FBI are better and smarter and faster than you are.
[00:56] matociquala: We're watching.
[00:56] matociquala: So don't.
[00:56] matociquala: P.P.S.
[00:56] matociquala: THIS MEANS YOU, CIA.
[00:57] katallen: hee
[00:58] katallen: okay, that was even an entire episode
[00:58] matociquala: Two episodes
[00:58] katallen: you're right
[00:58] katallen: ::giggles::
[00:58] matociquala: It's FBI propaganda.
[00:58] matociquala: Media manipulation
[00:58] matociquala: ...I approve.
[00:58] katallen: shush... see that's what I mean by breaking it
Tags: chatroom transcripts, geeks with guns
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