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Stage five of page proofs: resignation

Apparently, we are doing these out of order.

In any case, I just cracked myself the heck up. I had forgotten the scene where Christian shows up for the costume party in Hell dressed up as...


(I wonder how many people will notice, since I didn't actually name the character...)

It's nice when a throwaway bit in a book still works to make you happy two years later. And it worked extra good, because I had forgotten, so I had to pause and figure out, what the heck is he supposed to be dressed as? And the penny dropped, and then I laughed and laughed.

Page 245. And they said that Rock would never die....

Also, the book really does get evil* at about page 230. I wonder if I will ever learn a plotting style that isn't reliant on 200 pages of careful domino placing before the landslide at the end? Because really, the beginning of this thing could be pacier. Even after three revisions, trying to punch it up, the beginning could be pacier.

But it's as pacy as I could get it, being me.

I guess becoming accepting of one's flaws as a writer is just one of those things that comes with mature wisdom.** I still don't have to like it, though. Maybe I'll figure that out, one of these lifetimes.

In other news, the morning sunbeam has reached my working chair. (aka THE BIG CHAIR.) Can't... give... up. Can't... pass... out.

*In a good way.

**It's a... feature. And I can offer you a good deal on this bridge....
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