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so I did not finish the last hundred pages last night.

I had a minor mental breakdown and drank red wine and ate dolmas and watched old TV shows and made icons, instead, and then I went to bed at 11.

I have been through something like 1400 manuscript pages of my own text in the last week or so; I guess it was only to be expected.

On the other hand, if I get these done this morning and type up the corrections for my editor, I can spend the afternoon eating grapes and goat cheese and watching Mission: Impossible and cleaning the house, and then go to the Cruxshadows concert guilt-free, assuming ice is not falling from the sky. (Rogue is allright, but I'm not dying for him.)

Oh, my god I am so sick of proofreading.

Expect intermittent whining as the morning progresses.

Oh, and the deadline for delivering Pinion has been set at April 15 for a spring 2008 release. I love the 9-month schedule from Spectra. It's a huge vote of confidence from my publishers and it makes my little heart go pitter-pat.

I wonder how long I can sustain it?
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