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it feels like you're falling, but it passes in time.

Page proofs done. And I got a glimpse of the preliminary cover art for New Amsterdam, which is pretty, and looks very much like Abby Irene.

Now, to make lunch, because my blood sugar is too low to survive typing up the correction list. And then, after that is done, I can start cleaning the house.

I know, so exciting. But I think I am going to goof off for a couple of days and get other things than writing done, if the guilt gorilla will allow it. Next week, it's back to Pinion.

Of course, the life-responsibilities guilt gorilla gets its licks in, too. And a number of those have been piling up recently....

Also, I need to buy book-cases. And then build them. And then put books in them.

Won't that be exciting?

Oh wow, my brain is fried.

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