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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

everybody was kung-fu fighting

This episode of The Greatest American Hero has NINJA!


Because nothing could improve the campest superhero show since Batman like NINJA!


I loved that show. :)
It holds up.

In a campy ridiculous kind of way.
That show, Soap and Salvage One were probably my faves of that time period.

SOAP is on my netflix queue.
I'm on the last disc of the last season. My 12 year old has loved every moment, even though I've had to explain some of the more dated humor to her. It holds up VERY well over all.

I have to admit I saw the exact moment the series jumped the shark though. I was sitting there watching and said to my husband, "There. Right there. It just jumped the shark. See?"

He just rolled his eyes, of course. He does that a lot.


Where are you seeing this show?!? Now that was quality television.. quali-T!

Re: OMG!!!

It's on DVD!

I love the future!

Re: I love the future!

Me, too! But where's my flying car, dammit!

Re: I love the future!

Invented in the 1920s, actually. But never commercially viable.

Re: OMG!!!

Did they square away the music rights issues?

Because "Operation: Spoilsport" just wouldn't be the same without "Eve of Destruction", you know?

Re: OMG!!!

Alas, no. They used new songs.

GAHero and Music

I guess I'll have to wait until they do get the rights issues nailed down.

Re: GAHero and Music

They won't.

There's a bunch of stuff cut from the muppets DVDs for the same reason, alas.
I don't remember much about TGAH except the "Scenario" episode ;)
Is it The Master? ...cause the Master rocked.
Hee. Oh, if only it was Lee Van Cleef...
Wow! That's weird. I just watched that episode this past Friday. It not only has Ninja, but it also has Japanese lawn art. Very cool.
I am getting them through Netflix.

It is my god.
no clue. *g* Three seasons?
That's the show! I only saw a couple of episodes on I forget whose tv, but loved it and had forgotten the name. Thanks!