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December 2021



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"If it were, we'd be out of a job."

Okay, lady now is not the time to stand dithering between your fight or flight responses.

I like Prentiss. Because yes, she is a total nerd. Again and again we get that--when she's entranced by Reid's physics magic, when she gets all excited about the peas. And I can get behind that. (I once blew a date by making a Cask of Amontillado joke.) And somebody who works on this show is a total freaking SF geek.

I love a show BY GEEKS FOR GEEKS.

Also, love Reid at the coffeepot in the background. These guys go through coffee like real cops. And he shows up doing the caffeine shuffle just in time for Emily to say "I'm a nerd."

I covet Spencer's dad sweater. And there he is, stuffing his face again. Oh, and I see they're getting to use some leftover footage from last week. Trigger issues, oh yes.

Okay, and the bit where Morgan appropriates Reid's profile of the note writer that the team all argued with and then says, glibly, "It's pretty straightforward profiling" cracks me up.

Gideon realizes the Awful Troof! Man, nobody looks gutshot like Mandy.

Prentiss and Morgan! Good nerd, bad nerd!

Yanno, the cop of the week is female or non-white or both more often than not.

Man, MGG has some serious fingernails. And we finally see what Spencer keeps in his man purse. And I thought he was hanging on to those as a talisman. Which is not to say that he won't use them, of course. Butt right now, the trigger-reassurance thing is just right.

...Gideon's reaction shot to Reid's PTSD flinch there is very interesting. It could be him realizing that they have a serial killer, but he seems to be looking right at Reid, and they cut from Reid kind of cringing to Gideon frowning.

Oh, and Gideon. "Your daughter liked to sing?" Smart boy.

And again with the refrains. "Nobody deserves this." This show has a refrain. Or nested refrains. Another one is "You did what you had to do."

And there's a beautiful cut there were we see Gideon leaving the room to go run the profile, and the next shot is the unsub walking into frame. Oh yeah, they equate Gideon with the bad guys.

Also, this show is SO doing public safety education.

I LOVE THE GREEN SCREEN. Having Reid in the car with Dahmer is just creepy. Creepier than creepy, in context of everything that nearly happened to Reid--and how much worse it could have been, because I mean, *Dahmer*--And I love Reid's deeeep breath when Gideon says "You'd be surprised what these guys can talk people into."

Oh, and they are doing a realllllyyy interesting camera thing. I dunno if they reshot this scene or not, but.... In the profiling scene they have Reid, seated, alone, in the middle of the room. And everybody else is moving around him.

Isolated in the midst of his friends.

"If it were, we'd be out of a job."

Mouth another platitude, Hotch.

"Foot soldiers. Right."

The Criminal Minds drinking game: Drink when the cop of the week gets shot.

Oh, look, Gideon got somebody killed.  The Criminal Minds drinking game: Drink when Gideon gets somebody killed.

It is totally unfair that Shemar Moore is that pretty and can also act. Hotch, now is not a good time for you to be white, uptight, and outa sight at Morgan. Just saying, man.

Man, that shooting and the aftermath are so not-Hollywood in their real-world stupid causailty. Oh, man, and Morgan's little futile hand gesture? When he can't save that cop, and he sits back and he just lifts one hand up and lets it fall. And laughs like he's choking.

Ow ow ow ow ow ow.

You know, I think this scene indicates that Morgan has no medical training.

There's a thing there--cop of the week does the right thing, all the way, and it can't save him. And last week, Reid did the wrong thing, and it got him a world of hurt... but he lived.

The universe is unfair.

Reid travels most places at a gallop. And arrives slightly out of breath.

Man, that girl can sing.

Oh, nice touch with the bad guy starting to unscrew the water bottle. HAH! And again, thematic union. The victims who fight are the victims who live.

Shades of Kitty Genovese.

Come on, Cop. Don't be stupid, cop. Shades of Jeffrey Dahmer, and given the Green Screen, I do NOT think that was an accident.

MORGAN IS THE MAN. Way to take charge. Man, his theme song is "Saving the Day."

Nice set of epilogues. Elle would not have made that mistake that Prentiss did regarding Morgan. 

Again with that theme, in Morgan and Spencer's conversation. Broken edges are sharp. They cut. You... and the enemy.

And I think it is a positive sign that Reid is talking to anybody.

That was maybe, oh, two flashbacks too many. But I think, all in all, a nice continuity fix, and a nice episode overall. The take of race relations was maybe a bit facile, for this show, which disappoints me slightly. Normally I'd expect them to do something a little more nuanced.

Refrain of the word "empathy" is nice. And what's also nice is that Reid is actually already doing what Morgan told him to so--using the trauma, because right at the top of the hour, he's flashing back hard, triggered by Prentiss' question of why the unsub drugged his victims... and then he uses the information from his own torture to answer Prentiss' question.

And I love that Prentiss shows up at the end to take care of Morgan nurture the budding friendship a little.

"I haven't read this in fif... like twelve years."

And the way Reid can't finish his sentence, the one that begins, "I know what they were thinking and I know what they feeling, like, right before" and ends, "they were murdered."

Dr. Reid has met death. And a lot of that puppy bravado has been kicked out of him.

OOo, and I wonder if we get any Gideon backstory next week. Hmm.....


La la la... not looking at spoilers, but I had to ask...

Did I somehow miss a CM ep last night? I watched CBS until 10, then switched over to Boston Legal, but the voiceover at the end of The Unit said, "Stay tuned for Without a Trace."

It's on tonight! At 9.

But Canuckistan gets them a day earlier, and I, ah, cheated.

(I will watch it tonight with commercials, to pay for my sins.)
Okay, because of you, I went and read up on the show, and now I want to watch it.

Although probably afterward I would say, "Gosh, that was stupid." But still.

Am I getting a mistaken impression from the descriptions I read, or do all the male regulars and most of the female regulars have PTSD?
All of the characters either came with post-traumatic stress, or are developing it over the course of the show.

We have:

A rape survivor. At least four characters who lost a parent at a young age. Somebody who apparently saw military service. An adult survivor of child abuse. A character who caretook a schizophrenic mother for eight years before reaching legal age and having her committed, who justifiably has doubts about their own sanity. A torture survivor.

And characters we are still learning about. One person has sort of POW demeanor, and we don't know what caused that yet. Two who walked in more or less okay and are starting to realize exactly what the job is doing to them.

One who broke--flat broke--and quit.

And there are things that are still coming out, two thirds of the way through the second
season, because the way they do things on this show is... much more underhanded than that. They'll spend twenty episodes dropping hints before a reveal.

In a way, they encourage you to profile the profilers.

This week's episode is... adequate, and on at 9 tonight on CBS. The real neatness of the show doesn't build up until the fourth or fifth episode, I find, when you realize that the serial killer of the week is just an excuse to talk about damage and moral culpability and nature vs. nurture and what it is, exactly, that makes something either a monster, or a defender.

It's about surviving, and I find that very cool in a tidy TV universe.

Also, it's an ensemble cast. And I like that.
I was a little irked at the easy and unchallenged pop-psych of "empathy=female" at the beginning, but that's mostly me being a cranky feminist. The echo at the end was a nice touch.

(It would not be at all incongruous, I think, for Reid to have issues with equating cold logic and masculinity/strength, especially considering he has so little else traditionally "masculine" about him. Which adds another layer to his having to cope with something he can't reason his way out of. Not that any of this is an excuse to have him be right about that dichotomy, though.)
Actually, he's talking about that specific linguistic circumlocution and what it reveals in somebody who's not psychologically sophisticated, and therefor (I read in) generally acculturated.

I didn't get the sexist reading at all, and I'm a prickly reminist.
Now, normally, I like how this show tends to build things up gradually or else reveal things in bits and pieces when it comes to the major backhistory and current story surrounding the characters, but I was a bit miffed about two things in this episode. I didn't catch any real sign of lingering trauma in JJ (and there should've been something there, given how badly she was shaken in the previous episode) and it seems a bit out of character for the other characters to have been treating Reid as if nothing had just happened to him, given how they've all (with the possible exception of Prentiss, I suppose, since she hasn't been with them very long yet) shown protective and reassuring/supportive behavior towards him at some point previously.

Speaking of talismans, from personal experience I can vouch for the fact that some of us trauma survivors will keep, well, not souvenirs, but reminders of what we've been through, to take out and look over, at a later date. For me, it's proof of what I've survived. I don't know about Dr. Reid - they seem to've been striving to keep the possibility that he could've been or might still take the drugs open - but a talisman can be a powerful reassurance that one is indeed still alive.
Well, I'll give 'em JJ, because there was no JJ point-of-view in this one where they could have worked the retcon in. And not a lot of room to add any. It might have been nice to see a significant glance between her and Reid. On the other hand, she also faced her fears last episode, and they're not heavy-handed about that sort of thing.
One question: where was Reid when the others were meeting the mayor and the cop of the week for the first time. JJ introduced everybody to the mayor and he wasn't there.

I missed about 15 minutes in the middle when my mother callled. I hadn't talked to her since Christmas and so there was no escape. Drat.

Yes, relief at talismanic use of drugs. Must go to bed as I have to get up at 3:30 to catch the damn plane to Boston.

He was apparently off collecting the coroner's report, since when he shows up, it is with that in hand.
If I hear Amazing Grace on bagpipes played at another funeral scene on TV or in a movie I think I'm going to kill myself by eating haggis.
Oh man, that needs to be in the criminal minds drinking game, too.

Cop funerals, drink.
Cope funerals with bagpipes, drown yourself in a vat of scotch.
Prentiss is a wonderful geek. So is Morgan.

And Reid!

*babbles incoherent CM love*

But we got (as I'm sure you noticed) an interesting contrast between Prentiss and Elle, with Morgan there at the end. Subtle characterisation!

(And Reid! :))

...okay, I should probably go lie down in a dark room until the urge to jump up and down squealing 'eeee!' wears off a bit. :)
Tell me about the interesting contrast. *g*
Prentiss: I did a geeky thing.
Morgan: What?
Prentiss: I read Vonnegut.
Me: Hasn't everyone read Vonnegut?
Morgan: Hasn't everyone read Vonnegut?
Prentiss: We all like Vonnegut! Squee!
Everyone: Squee!
Hotch (glowering): Conference room. Now.
Moss: Did no one get Hotch's memo about being nice to Prentiss?

(As you can see, we've reached the recaps, thematic discussions, and fanfic sections of the Criminal Minda program activities.)