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Mystery meat. Er, veg.

So, my local Asian grocery suffers a paucity of signage, or possibly subscribes to the theory that it's good for the white-eyed devils to work a little. I went produce shopping today, and came home with a bunch of stuff I either have no idea what to do with or have no idea what it is! (Well, I can figure out some things. And some I have cooked before. But then there's the rest of it.)

This is very exciting.

Complete mysteries:
* Something that may be Thai basil. It smells and looks right, anyway.
* Some kind of dark green sprout that's a little tough/chewy in texture, with a kind of spinachy or grassy flavor overlaying the sprout flavor
* Some kind of long supple slightly leathery stalk with a pungent oniony flavor and pea-sized round-but-pointy flower buds at the tip
* Some kind of elongated yellow pear with a pointy bottom

Things with names that I will have to find recipes for:
green daikon
winter melon
bitter melon
banana blossom

Things I have cooked before, whether they have names or not:
those little round green eggplants
these mushrooms that look remarkably like flat-topped penises, but I dunno what they are called.
asian pear
small flattish orange persimmons

larbalestier, they had canned mangosteens, so I got some in honor of you.
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