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bear by san

March 2017



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writing dust rengeek shakespeare

slow this morning...

but up, and working. The tea is made, some of the email is shoveled, and I am staring at the next scene in Pinion and thinking about how to get into it.

So close to finished with the draft. So close.

Time to get obsessed with it, so I can get 'er done.

All lovers young, all lovers must
Consign to thee, and come to dust.

--Shakespeare, Cymbeline 4.2

In other news, I have cover flats for Undertow (gorgeous); got paid for various things over the weekend, so the cat and I are fed for the next sixth months (yes, writers learn to budget!); and just heard that Carnival made the Locus supplemental best seller list at #14 for January. Also, the cat is glad to have her monkey back. One thing about bringing her to Mom's house when I am away: she's so happy to come home that she forgets to throw fits at me for the next week over abandoning her.

Tomorrow I need to do a great deal of bill paying and banking behavior.

Various blog reviews, and one, ahem, from someplace else.

The Pig War on B&I, briefly and appreciatively.

darkmagess on Hammered, less briefly, and appreciatively. Yeah, I made the mistake on the Franglish of assuming that everybody would do what I do when confronted with an unfamiliar language in print, and try to puzzle it out from cognates. Memo to Bear: Everyone else is not Bear.

shewhomust liked Blood & Iron a lot.

lil_shepherd didn't like it at all, but seems to have liked Carnival fine.

And then there's a review of Carnival at the Washington Post, by none other than our very own Gwenda Bond. Who also reviews catvalente's book, Peter Watts' book, and Mary Rosenblum's book.

I feel loved.

Best line of Boskone? Alexander Jablokov, who, from the audience of the American Fantasy panel, noted that while persons from other parts of the US may write comedies of manners, New Englanders write comedies of ethics.

Which is, of course, exactly what this New Englander does.

I feel taxonomified.

And now, 3 pages, or bust.


1) I thoroughly enjoyed Hammered. Like Darkmagess, I think Jenny makes for an interesting lead character, nicely different from the usual run-of-the-mill sci-fi heroine.

2) I must confess that I, too, am not like you. I tried initially to puzzle my way through the French, but ultimately gave up, and just skipped over those scenes.
You also made an appearance in my dreams last night as a college English professor. You were helping me write queries for books, but I kept misspelling your name -- EBaer instead of EBear.

I'll get it right in the credits. ;)
Or, next dream, you could spell it with an 'h', so she could be Prof. Bhaer - presumably a descendent of Jo March.
Re; Frangish. Freemon Dyson said; "I don't feel so intelligent, but sometimes wonder why everybody else is so dumb." Monsieur de tabernac!

Of course lots of people don't grow up in New England... And i suspect that real Francophones have a harder time with Quebecish.. I spent a long hour futilely trying to explain Zydeco French to a Belgian. Clifton Chenier might have thought he spoke French, but nobody in Europe did.

I had a record of Cheneir at Montroux greeting the audience with "Bonjour" and being totally incomprehended..
I did - sort of - like Blood and Iron - I just didn't think it hit the high mark you were aiming for with it.

Carnival blew me away, though.

The first thing we learn as writers is that not every book is right for every reader. Because, of course, Green Man Review named B&I their best fantasy novel of 2006, and thought Carnival didn't measure up to that standard.
Not every writer is right for every reader, either. I am sure there are well reviewed writers you don't like, as there are ones I don't like.

I have a category of books and films that I regard as CBATF (can't be arsed to finish.) They include Hugo and Nebula and Clarke winners, as well as BAFTA and Oscar winners...

Yeah, I made the mistake on the Franglish of assuming that everybody would do what I do when confronted with an unfamiliar language in print, and try to puzzle it out from cognates. Memo to Bear: Everyone else is not Bear.

Huh - so apparently I am Bear, at least in the matter of looking for cognates. This has me a little worried, actually - finding the cognates is the main reason I'm enjoying learning Dutch so much, that and seeing the alternate-history version of ENglish in it. But after this year in the Netherlands, we go to Taiwan, so next up is Mandarin. No cognates, I don't think. :-(
BTW, I know you're not reading so much of other journals, but check out Ian's latest on Boskone and pseudonyms... it'll probably turn up when you ego-search, but just in case you need the laugh...
Memo to Bear: Everyone else is not Bear.

Though once we achieve Singularity...
I was charmed by veejane's report. George R.R. Martin said that if Neil Gaiman wanted to attend a convention incognito, all he had to do was wear a Hawaiian shirt and plaid pants.

oh, but the rewards of puzzling it out ...

I took French for 6 1/2 years, but alas, my schooling left me with large gaping holes in my knowledge ... I thoroughly enjoyed puzzling out the phrases and actually stored one or two away for future use ... not in writing ...

Re: oh, but the rewards of puzzling it out ...

*g* and it's not even real French.
I feel loved.

I have 100 pages of Worldwired left and am rationing those pages because I loff Jenny. Doesn't happen often but there are books that have me feeling desolate like this before the reading is done because I know once I'm finished, that's all.

Blergh, sorry if I double posted&deleted. My typing skillz haven't caught up with the caffeine this morning.
;-) s'okay.

I love Jenny too.
I feel taxonomified

So long as you don't feel taxidermified.

Should I get a better idea of Mamatas' presidential platform before I offer to help him get on the ballot for the primary here in Tennessee? Because I'm not sure I can manage to explain squamosity and rugoseness (or would that be rugosity?) to the average voter here.
his platform is doubtless evil!
A few good pictures of Kazzie will help folks overlook that--she bears a remarkable resemblence to a lot of dogs around here.