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bear by san

March 2017



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sf sapphire and steel kiss (darkness)

the rain can't wash the blood away

803 new words on Pinion this morning. Tough going, for some reason, but done. Balancing all these tipping points is hard, and so is getting back in the saddle. This is the point where the book has to come together, or fall apart. And it's always in need of a certain amount of delicate negotiation to pick over. Also, I've been over three other manuscripts since the last time I looked at this, which is a good way of scrubbing a book from your head, so I'm trying to start from scratch.

Also, I think my laptop battery is dead. Alas! Not that I ever use it unplugged.

Total wordcount for the year: 65,068. Total on the book: 289 pages.

399.6 miles to Rivendell. I'm going to go get cleaned up and dressed, make some Thai curry, and play a little guitar while I think about the next scene. Maybe I will walk down to the bank today. I can make deposits even if it's closed for the holiday, after all.


Tech support here: what make and model of laptop is it, and how long have you had it (assuming you've owned it from new)?

a) Laptop batteries die eventually, but sometimes something else (software glitches) can give the appearance of a dead battery when it's still alive.

b) Third-party vendors can in many cases supply dirt-cheap alternatives to the "official" battery. You're SOL if you're using a Macbook or Powerbook or iBook, but Apple kit aside, I lately spent £45 to replace a Toshiba battery with a list price of about £120 -- it may be possible to get you a replacement cheap (if you need it for travel).
I should be able to get a cheap replacement. I just noticed this morning that it's not charging. It appears have quit over the weekend.

I have a three year old HP pavilion, bought secondhand. *g* It's about due to die.
As the half-life of a battery is about 12 months, I'd say you're overdue.

However, failure to charge could point to a hardware fault in the laptop's power management stuff. In which case it's a short step away from dead-in-the-water time when it stops powering the motherboard as well as the battery charge circuit.

Strong recommendation: even before you get the cheap replacement battery, get a 1Gb or thereabouts USB memory stick (I assume you've got USB, right?) and back up your work religiously, every day. Memory stick: $10. Backup time: five minutes at the end of each daily work session. Your life's work: priceless. OK?
I back up daily
Me too. Ever since, um, when I didn't. (Going back to 1995 and painful memories of a hard drive crash -- and it wasn't even my first!)

I've lost stuff to software obsolescence, though. *g*
'Tis probably dead then. When you get a new one, it's a good idea to run it down every once in a while. They have a finite number of charges, but they also need to be exercised.

dead battery

if you've ever an urge to replace the battery cheap (which can save your work when the power goes out unexpectedly) there are places online that sell remakes of laptop batteries cheap. I've used laptopsforless.com with good results.