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the rain can't wash the blood away

803 new words on Pinion this morning. Tough going, for some reason, but done. Balancing all these tipping points is hard, and so is getting back in the saddle. This is the point where the book has to come together, or fall apart. And it's always in need of a certain amount of delicate negotiation to pick over. Also, I've been over three other manuscripts since the last time I looked at this, which is a good way of scrubbing a book from your head, so I'm trying to start from scratch.

Also, I think my laptop battery is dead. Alas! Not that I ever use it unplugged.

Total wordcount for the year: 65,068. Total on the book: 289 pages.

399.6 miles to Rivendell. I'm going to go get cleaned up and dressed, make some Thai curry, and play a little guitar while I think about the next scene. Maybe I will walk down to the bank today. I can make deposits even if it's closed for the holiday, after all.
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