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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Robert's Rules. (Book Report #19: Daniel Silva, The Kill Artist)

I like Daniel Silva. He's like John LeCarre, except occasionally somebody lives through the book.

This one is a typical Silva offering--generally well-written in a very focused omniscient, with the occasional unfortunately caricatured secondary character but, for the most part, a good sense of why people do what they do and what drives the world and enough thematic depth to be satisfying, though it's not going to change anyone's heart.

He is very good at presenting both sides of any political argument as equal and necessary evils, and he does not feel the need to justify people's actions while he is explaining them. His characters are all broken and driven and scarred. He's very matter-of-fact about treachery and evil and the banality of it all.

And he is not scared to mess people up.

This is a book about games and layers and lies and love. Most of all, about love.

Oh, and restoring paintings.

In other news, I move to ban the phrase "was violently ill" and all its variants from literature.


Aw, c'mon, I was violently ill just yesterday, and I don't know how else I'll describe it when I write my transparent roman a clef!
I'm occasionally violently ill, in that if someone tries to talk to me when I'm barfing, I will aim it at them. :-)
Haha, two of my favorite authors named in one post! The first Silva book I read was The English Assassin, and I've read every single Gabriel Allon book in the sequence since TKA.

Thinking about it, not too many Le Carre protags make it to the end. Just curious, which ones have you read?
I rather like that phrase. It's evocative without being too graphically gross.

Of course, when I'm describing a four-year-old barfing all over the back of the car, I would never dream of using it. Children aren't "ill:" they vomit. With gusto.