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self/community pimp

Since I know there are a bunch of fellow Criminal Minds freaks reading this blog who aren't on the criminalxminds community, and because I really want to know what people think, I just put a discussion post up over there regarding the Arthurian connections in the show. If you know, you wanted to join the community and come chat about it.

It's a good bunch, with a fair number of incisive commenters, and we have a lot of fun picking apart character motivation and so on. (How much do you love a show where the characterization of the protagonists is consistent enough that you can armchair diagnose them, and not just by patching up holes? Whoever it was who suggested that Reid was LLI (in addition to his visual gifts) is a supergenius. That makes *much* more sense than the high-functioning/Asperger's thing, which never quite worked: he's too attuned to other people and way too good at understanding what makes them tick. But low latent inhibition brings both his labile emotionality and his perceptiveness into sharp relief.)

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