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i'm like the tv eye in the sky right behind you

Criminal Minds Fanatic just linked the promo for Wednesday's episode, which might be tonight's episode if you live in Canuckistan.

matociquala (Okay, the writers are going out of their way to fuck with Reid. This week's ep appears to be Rambo. From the POV of the cops.)

Here, Dr. Reid. Go deal with somebody who's so freaked out from PTSD he's killing people.

Ooo, was that a flashbulb memory, Dr. Reid? So sorry.

Don't worry. I'm sure you're perfectly sane....

truepenny: Not like you have any HISTORY OF INSANITY IN YOUR FAMILY or anything.

matociquala:  Not like you HEAR VOICES. 

truepenny: No, no, nothing to worry about at all.

matociquala: You couldn't crack. Not like THIS GUY. Who was in A WAR, and was tortured and shot people and stuff.

You couldn't crack.

Not like this guy.

truepenny: Evil sadistic bastards, those writers.

matociquala: Heh. Check out that episode tag line.

And now I have to go write some more of Pinion, because there is no rest for the wicked here
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