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In re: fanfic. I comfort myself, at least it's gen.

I appear to be committing fanfiction.

Or, more precisely, I have committed a vignette with some cute backstory patching*, which I would be okay with, except it's insisting it's just a lead-in to a longer thing with a Plot and Theme and Character and Stuff.

Except it won't tell me what the front end is supposed to look like. Just this back end bit of character development. And then there needs to be, you know, a murder mystery. Which would somehow need to be thematically unified with the character development. And illuminate it.

And you know, (a) I don't write fanfiction; (b) there's no way to file the serial numbers off this and make it something I could use, because it it TOTALLY dependent upon the meta; and (c) I have a book and a novella due in April, which are the sort of thing that, you know, keep the cat fed.

*sigh*'s really cute backstory. It is so awash in clever character deduction and jigsaw-puzzling that I am halfway convinced it's what they mean to do eventually themselves.

Screw this, I'm going to bed. There's another thousand words of Pinion to write in the morning. Still more Stockholm Syndrome! Bonus oblivious adults! And soon, a type 1 supernova!

...and then maybe some fanfiction.

*I figured out how Reid pays the bills.**

**No, it's not boy-whoring. Go to the back of the class.***

***It's so clever and it works so well, I have got to write this. I am in fact enamored of my own clever.****

****Always a bad sign.*****

*****Yes, if I write it, I will post it somewhere. I mean, I posted the Clark Kent/Superman slash, didn't I?******

******Although yes, this differs in being actual serious fanfiction, as opposed to wacky self-mocking meta.
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