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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

In re: fanfic. I comfort myself, at least it's gen.

I appear to be committing fanfiction.

Or, more precisely, I have committed a vignette with some cute backstory patching*, which I would be okay with, except it's insisting it's just a lead-in to a longer thing with a Plot and Theme and Character and Stuff.

Except it won't tell me what the front end is supposed to look like. Just this back end bit of character development. And then there needs to be, you know, a murder mystery. Which would somehow need to be thematically unified with the character development. And illuminate it.

And you know, (a) I don't write fanfiction; (b) there's no way to file the serial numbers off this and make it something I could use, because it it TOTALLY dependent upon the meta; and (c) I have a book and a novella due in April, which are the sort of thing that, you know, keep the cat fed.


...it's really cute backstory. It is so awash in clever character deduction and jigsaw-puzzling that I am halfway convinced it's what they mean to do eventually themselves.

Screw this, I'm going to bed. There's another thousand words of Pinion to write in the morning. Still more Stockholm Syndrome! Bonus oblivious adults! And soon, a type 1 supernova!

...and then maybe some fanfiction.

*I figured out how Reid pays the bills.**

**No, it's not boy-whoring. Go to the back of the class.***

***It's so clever and it works so well, I have got to write this. I am in fact enamored of my own clever.****

****Always a bad sign.*****

*****Yes, if I write it, I will post it somewhere. I mean, I posted the Clark Kent/Superman slash, didn't I?******

******Although yes, this differs in being actual serious fanfiction, as opposed to wacky self-mocking meta.


*laughs and laughs and laughs*

Nobody escapes the fic :)
It's my brain frantically trying to find ways of getting out from under the thing it is SUPPOSED to be doing.

Damn, why is my coffee not ready yet?
I'm actually kind of offended by the idea that Carnival is slash.

Why is an original story whose primary relationship happens to be same-sex qualitatively different from one that is opposite-sex?

That seems to me a nice piece of bigotry. I mean, people are entitled to theu sexual kinks, but I wish they wouldn't project them at me. Homosexual people--and by extension homosexual characters--do not exist to be titillating. It's as depersonalizing and as offensive as the idea that lesbians in fiction must be there to be sexy to straight men.

Hrm. Admittedly, 'slash fic' is officially by-definition taking a piece whose same-sex characters are friends (or enemies, of course) and making 'em lovers.

But there's a whole 'slashy sensibility' that's grown up in the genre, a set of, I guess, social norms about how people are, that can show up in non-fanfic, and in fact can show up between het characters ... it's just that when two het characters are that emotionally close, sooner or later the writers usually have them canonically go to bed at least once.

S'one reason I'm liking Bones so much -- Bones and Booth have this very slashy 'friend'-vibe between them, and are clearly into each other, but both deny it. And the writers have actually LET them do this for a SEASON AND A HALF. Go writers!
I am perfectly happy to own my kinks.

I don't like being assigned them.

Re: oh yeah, PS

This is more, I have backstory, but not engine.
You're killing me. *g*

Perpetrate ze fic!
Consider my plea a long-term plea. Though I see something that looks like....oooooo.
It would NOT leave me alone.

I turned it into 2000 words of wangst instead of the 20K novella it wanted to be, though.


(The internets lose, alas.)
*Half snickers and half giggles* Well, do post some sort of link here, if you don't post it here, then, please! I'd be interested in reading something so terribly clever about Reid.
Reid is clever.

You are clever.

You writing Reid- so clever it goes out the other side of clever and becomes quantum.

I'm not helping, am I?

And it doesn't help that I overidentify with the character.

Thank god it's gen, because if it was a slash or het bunny, for this show, I'd have to cut my fingers off. It would be the moral equivalent of incest fic.
Sometimes you've got to write it down just to get it to shut up.

Of course, sometimes this only encourages it.
HOW did you manage Clark Kent/ Superman slash? WHY did commit Clark Kent/ Superman slash? That seems so ... odd.

Now J.T Kirk/ T.J. Hooker slash - would be a Shatner dream come true.
Congratulations? Welcome to the dark side? Uhhh, sorry? Fic never seems to happen at a convenient moment.
Heh. I just finished it. God help me.

2000 words of angsty backstory by nine AM.....

Now I have to shower and do my REAL work.