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never was a cornflake girl. thought that was a good solution.

When you explicate and concretize something, you often rob it of mystery and interest. Because liminal spaces, areas that are open to interpretation, are much more interesting than black and white, right and wrong.

This is an ongoing issue for the commercial artist, because of course the commercial pressure is to make your work more structured, the challenging. And I also tend to have little patience for the intentionally cryptic.

But the meaning in a story comes from what we lace into it, what we bring to the table as readers, and how the structure of the story shapes that input.

Make it too plain, rob it of power. Explications are not poetry.

1056 words last night on Pinion, 974 this morning. Page 310.

And of course 2169 words of unnecessary fanfiction. Which was far more fun than the novel, I gotta tell ya.

Are we there yet?

394 miles to Rivendell. I've just left Farmer Maggot's house.
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