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bear by san

March 2017



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froud tapestry

it's time i had some time alone

862 words today. 72,393 for the year; 314 pages on the novel. Really into the homestretch here. I just have to finish breaking people.

Slow going. Lack of focus, I'm afraid; I'm going to take a break and come back for some more before archery. I'm torn between not feeling like working, much, and really really wanting to have the book done.

Really really wanting to have the book done is currently winning.

The Undertow advanced reading copies showed up today. Which means soon, they will be going out to reviewers and what-not. Spectra made them pretty for me, which I appreciate. Also, I signed about twenty million signature sheets for the limited edition of Subterranean 5 last night while watching Mythbusters.

I am so mighty.

And now, that break.


I just got to the epilogue of Carnival.

My experience of reading this book had a lot more to do with reading Blood & Iron than the Jenny books, and I'm gonna go into it in an actual review in my journal at some point. There were things about it that dissatisfied me deeply.

I just wanted to let you know, up front, whatever other quibbles (and they're small, and taste-based) I have with this book, YOU MADE ME CRY, woman! Second sentence of the epilogue. I had to put it down and go hug my DOG, you cruel thing!

Thank you ...
Dogs need hugging too.
He was startled, but not displeased.

I think I'm almost ready to go back and finish reading it ...