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the real reason why so many writers are alcoholics:

[15:21] matociquala: right
[15:22] stillsostrange: someone finish this scene for me
[15:22] matociquala: I'm going to walk down to the packie and investigate the wine selection.
[15:22] matociquala: And maybe by the time I get back I will understand what exactly is going to happen between Arianrhod and Rien
[15:22] matociquala: Oh.
[15:22] katallen: ::waves::
[15:23] matociquala: I think I just figured out part of it. *g*
[15:23] stillsostrange: heh
[15:23] hawkwing_lb: way to go :)
[15:23] katallen: ::dies laughing::
[15:23] matociquala: stupid brain.
[15:23] leahbobet: woo wine and plot!
[15:23] katallen: writers -- different because our subconsciouses can be bothered to hate us that much
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