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67,860 words.

MS word word count.

Which means 80,750 words of manuscript or "real" wordcount. It also means I've hit the novel_in_90 goal. Which is a nice little cookie.

Unfortunately, the ni90 goal does not help me. Because the book is due April 15, and I still have 80 pages of it to write. Which is quite doable, although I have a novella to write by April 1, also. But still. If I get butch, that will take a week.

Still, I got stuck on something yesterday morning, and it kept me stuck all day. And I stared at it and stared at it and went to bed early last night to sleep it off (also, I am fighting off the con crud and have a wedding to go to today) and woke up this morning and have been staring again, for the last hour.

And then I shrugged, took a long drink of 2% milk, and typed: [come up with something clever for how they find Tristen]

And I was just about to start writing what happened after they found Tristen (truly, he is !Elric, the boy hostage) when I came up with something clever for how they found Tristen.

So I deleted the bracket comment and typed, It was Hero Ng who finally located Tristen.

Truly, the power of the bracket comment is mighty.

So is the power of taking the pressure off.

And that is my auctorial wisdom for today.

Would you like a carrot muffin with your milk?

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