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ever since their wings got rusted even the angels wanna wear my red shoes

And 930 words last night and 1071 words before 8:30 AM this morning, for a total of 2001. Now I get a shower and to wash the dishes, which are piled up in the sink, and then I get to find some hot beverage and food.

The manuscript stands at 339 pages. 10 pages since last check in. It's actually gotten fun again, now that I know how it ends, and I'm looking forward to writing all this stark, beautiful angst leading up to the final heartbreaking sacrifice.

And maybe blow up the world.

Well, some of you were complaining an awful lot about so-called happy endings... *g*

Also, I'm coming down with a bit of a cold. Which means that after the Hartford Flower Show trip this afternoon, I have an excuse to hole up and not leave the house until Thursday night. (Yeah, exercise tends to fall by the wayside for the last couple of weeks of book-finishing. It is so. So does housework, eating real meals, chores, maintaining relationships, bill-paying, and all the rest of it. GO AWAY IM RITIN.)
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