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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

also, you can tell I am tired. because the homophone typos are taking over. (see last post for an example.)

soon, soon I will get to the end of the book  and then I will fall over in a stupor for a couple of days.

it is amazing how stupid writing a novel can make you. and how long it takes to recover.


Are 'were' and 'where' really homophones, the way you say them?

Also, I would say you work too hard, but (a) it's meaningless and (b) if you worked less hard there would be fewer books, and this would be bad.
They're close. *g* The tyops don't have to be close homophones.

I get really amazing ones sometimes.

And hey, I take HOURS OFF every DAY.

Self-indulgent brute. (Says the man who just came home from A Whole Day Away, Drinking Wine with Other People [the capitalisations are actually Barry's, who is outraged at my delinquency])
"last post"

Bound to be a bloggers epitaph already.

I am glad that I'm not the dummy with the homophones.

It is so true.

Tell your wife she's a slave driver for me....

Good to see you back online, by the way!
Wife is too busy at the Comic Con thing. Is it possible to be a galley slave and the cruise director at the same time?

And speaking of homophonic utterances... has there already been a weight-watching group called dietribe?
Not to the best of my knowlege.....
Solemnity. Only way to reply to a pun. Consider my hat doffed. My self chastened.

Sins of Omission

It occurs to me that I may have left the word "only" from between "the" and "dummy" in the comment above.

My is leave words.
I must also be tired, because I read it as homophobic typos. Which seemed really odd, coming from you.
it is amazing how stupid writing a novel can make you. and how long it takes to recover.

Tell me about it! I suspect it takes me longer to recover than I have allowed time in my schedule for writing the next novel, so I'm gradually drifting into the realm of Teh Stup1d.

At least I only have to write one novel next year, minimum ... just let me get through this year's two and I can rest!
I only have one new on this year, and this one is it.

A white-paper rewrite and a revision, though, I have got.

And I have a bunch of short things languishing....