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Just in case you thought we only talked about Mythbusters slash and writing....

[23:36] leahbobet: I wonder if this is real tired or just carb coma.
[23:37] matociquala: here, eat this cat
[23:37] matociquala: you need protein
[23:37] leahbobet: hee.
[23:39] tanaise: And I can't re-finish Company until I decide who's dead at the end of it.
[23:40] tanaise: (stupid bears)
[23:41] matociquala: everybody dies
[23:41] matociquala: especially this cat
[23:41] tanaise: but she loves you.
[23:41] tanaise: looooooooovvvvvvesssss you
[23:42] matociquala: She wants me to go warm up her bed
[23:42] leahbobet: that's right baby, she didn't mean it.
[23:42] leahbobet: why you make her treat you so bad?
[23:42] tanaise: (love makes her treat you the way she do.)
[23:43] matociquala: She wouldn't have to cut me if I would just get her her canned food.
[23:44] matociquala: She doesn't like to be this way.
[23:44] leahbobet: it hurts her more than it hurts you.
[23:44] matociquala: Really, it's my fault.
[23:44] tanaise: I believe that's 'get her her canned food, bitch."
[23:45] matociquala: Poor Tristen.
[23:45] matociquala: I made his eyelashes fall out.
[23:45] matociquala: It's hard being an Elric parody
[23:45] tanaise: He's going to end up going all Lex Luthor on you.
[23:46] leahbobet: heeeee
[23:46] matociquala: He's not allowed to be evil.
[23:46] matociquala: He's an albino
[23:46] tanaise: only evil people are hairless.
[23:46] leahbobet: If only he could put this cursed sword down.
[23:46] tanaise: it's a well known fact.
[23:46] leahbobet: (and hot Shemar-type people)
[23:46] tanaise: look at hairless cats.  do they look non-evil to you? 
[23:47] matociquala: And Iggy
[23:47] leahbobet: All cats are evil, c'mon.
[23:47] matociquala: Who has no apparent body hair
[23:47] matociquala: it makes it easier to read his serial number
[23:47] leahbobet: Except for Mebd, who is sad she has to treat her baby so.
[23:47] leahbobet: heeee
[23:47] tanaise: was there a picture in the NYT?
[23:47] matociquala: Yes
[23:47] matociquala: His pants lead a precarious existence
[23:47] tanaise: good, I wasn't sure if they would have kept it.
[23:47] matociquala: Iggy and pants, not such good friends
[23:48] leahbobet: Pants are for the weak.
[23:48] leahbobet: Only the strong and hairless can walk the path of no pants.
[23:48] matociquala: And those who do not wax their groin.
[23:48] leahbobet: See?  The strong.
[23:48] tanaise: or who have fur lined loincloths instead
[23:48] matociquala: Yeah
[23:48] matociquala: That is strong
[23:48] leahbobet: They merely grit their teeth as millions upon millions of pubic hairs cry out and then are silenced.
[23:48] matociquala: That is the true courage
[23:48] matociquala: LOL
[23:48] matociquala: They are the butt-chinned heroes
[23:49] matociquala: enduring torture stoically
[23:49] matociquala: with only a little manpain
[23:49] leahbobet: heeeeeeee
[23:49] tanaise: and maybe a single tear
[23:49] matociquala: soon heeled by a quick hurt/comfort scenario
[23:49] leahbobet: and slight swelling until the next day.
[23:49] matociquala: er, healed
[23:49] matociquala: And a little glycerine sweat
[23:49] tanaise: that's a hurt/comfort/dominance thing, there bear.
[23:49] leahbobet: And when the icepack goeth upon their sore groins, they do not flinch at its cold.
[23:50] matociquala: frozen peas.
[23:50] matociquala: so useful.
[23:50] tanaise: no.  My frozen peas go near no man's groin.
[23:50] tanaise: no woman's groin either, if we're technical.
[23:50] leahbobet: I understand why I don't like peas.
[23:50] makeshiftdaisy: they're not open.
[23:50] matociquala: Still.
[23:50] makeshiftdaisy: what's not to like?
[23:50] katallen: frozen corn is just as good
[23:50] makeshiftdaisy: peas are mmm
[23:50] tanaise: it
[23:50] matociquala: I think you would have to biohazard sticker them after
[23:51] leahbobet: Snow peas are mmmm.
[23:51] leahbobet: Frozen peas with crotch are no.
[23:51] matociquala: I like peas
[23:51] msisolak: lmao
[23:51] makeshiftdaisy: pea-pea mmmmmmmmm
[23:51] tanaise: I like peas too.
[23:51] matociquala: You went for the icepack
[23:51] katallen: (leaving the peas to go with the chocolate)
[23:51] matociquala: Just saying
[23:51] matociquala: I stopped at manpain
[23:51] leahbobet: Well you don't eat the icepack either.
[23:51] msisolak: *is going to eye frozen peas a little differently from now on*
[23:51] tanaise: which is why I don't allow them the groins of strangers.
[23:51] matociquala: Well, yeah, but I have peas
[23:51] leahbobet: (If you eat the icepack, you may have your stomach pumped, but that's a seperate issue.)
[23:51] matociquala: I don't have an icepack.
[23:51] tanaise: you'll just have to suffer then
[23:51] matociquala: (I am so blogging this.)
[23:51] leahbobet: Yup, no hurt/comfort.
[23:52] matociquala: (fair warning)
[23:52] leahbobet: Just /comfort.
[23:52] tanaise: (allow them near the groins of strangers.)
[23:52] leahbobet: er, just /hurt.
[23:52] leahbobet: Okay that didn't work either.
[23:52] leahbobet: One more time.
[23:52] leahbobet: hurt/
[23:52] leahbobet: There my joke worked now *huff*
[23:52] tanaise: nice going.
[23:52] matociquala: I think frozen anything on the groin is /c/o/m/f/o/r/t/
[23:52] tanaise: now the whole internet will mock your lack of typing, not just us.
[23:53] leahbobet: At least I'll still have all my pubes while they do it.
[23:53] tanaise: It's like the woman who clubs her husband with the leg of lamb, then serves it to the police.
[23:53] tanaise: But in this case, I think you give edamame to your bikini waxer.

So I was totally rooting for Helen Mirren.

That is all.
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