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never go up against a ukrainian when customer service is on the line

As I half-suspected it might, the laptop has died. (jaylake, another reason I never rely exclusively on a laptop.)

There's a magic to these things, of course. They die when one is on deadline (last time I had problems with it was when I was writing Undertow on a mad tight deadline, and had to travel.)

Fortunately, I'm sort of obsessive about backing up, so I only lost the last scene I wrote after breakfast, and the 400 words of transition I spent the evening working on. And really, they are still *there,* I just don't have time to wait for HP to dig them out again.

Anyway, things could be worse. Because the laptop is still under warranty.

By six days.


Now, I get to fight with Hewlett-Packard.

Tech Guy: "Well, if you extend your warranty--"
Me: "The laptop is still under warranty."
Tech Guy: "Only for a week, and it will take us a week to fix it."
Me: "Not my problem, Tech Guy."
Tech Guy: "But, if in the future--"
Me: "We will talk about that after this problem is fixed, Tech Guy."

12:45 am: (I can do this all night, man.)
1:10 am: (Hah. I win.)
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