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bear by san

March 2017



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david bowie realism _ truepenny

If I'm calling India....

...why are they playing Celtic music?

1:32 AM ETA: Now it's a bodhran version of "On Christmas Day In The Morning."

Charlie, are you taking notes? I'm pretty sure you can use this for something.


The best thing about my four hours on the phone with them (three phone calls, plus an additional couple hours with online chat help), was the music.
The trick is to stonewall. If you are SO FRUSTRATING that they cannot stand to talk to you for more than ten minutes, they will just take the bloody laptop back and service it. (Assuming you have the hardware warranty, anyway. And since I paid, oh, a third the price of the laptop for the warranty? I don't feel AT ALL BAD.)
Last week, my boyfriend had to call tech support for work, and they played the Imperial March.
sucide is painless
it brings on many changes
and i can touch the future if i try
I think the public outcry would be more expensive than any license fee. But maybe other themesongs - Marcus Welby, St. Elsewhere, ER, Dr. Kildare. I bet they could use those.
My husband just got a CD that has both "Celtic" and "Ragas" in the title/artist name (I don't know where it is, so can't check). The artist grew up in England and studied music in China and India.
Well... I know the Celtic is supposed to be soothing. That's quite literally why they use it. Helps calm moods, allegedly.

Usually it just pisses me off that they're making such a transparent attempt to calm me down.
Last night I was wondering why the German guy who won for the film about the Stasi had such a blatant Irish accent -- he didn't when interviewed on NPR the other day. :-> Maybe it comes out in stress, because of (early teacher of the language)?

I also keep wondering why his full last name (Henkel von Donnersmark, if I'm spelling that right) sounds so familiar, as if I've heard of a famous person with it before.