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bear by san

March 2017



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writing dust bible 'house of dust"

i do not like being defined by sight

words since midnight: 2205

Current Playlist for the end of the B*$k:

          1. Apotheosis/Carl Orff - Carmina Burana - O Fortuna (Techno Remix)2 (4:52)
          2. Apocalyptica - One (5:44)
          3. Apocalyptica - Hall Of The Mountain King (3:29)
          4. Apocalyptica - Until it Sleeps (3:14)
          5. Shriekback - My Spine is the Bass Line (4:02)
          6. Shriekback - Achtung (4:24)
          7. Shriekback - Unsong (4:12)
          8. Shriekback - Nemesis (Arch-Deviant mix) (6:07)
          9. Shriekback - The Bastard Sons of Enoch (5:07)
          10. Handel-Hallelujha chorus (3:37)
          11. Wagner-ride of the valkyries (10:07)
          12. Carlo Maria Giulini; Berlin Philharmonic - Verdi: Requiem - Dies Irae (2:51)
          13. Voices of Ascension Chorus & Orchestra / Dennis Keene - I. 'Te Deum' (Hymn) (8:09)
          14. Entrain - Dancin' In The Light (Tarbosh) (4:17)
          15. Juno Reactor - God Is God (front 242 God Zilla Mix) (5:11)
          16. Kill Bill - battle without honor (2:28)
          17. That Fucking Tank - Pumping Iron (3:06)
          18. The Heads - No Talking Just Head (4:29)
          19. Art Of Noise - Paranoimia 89 (7:15)
          20. Enigma - The Cross Of Changes (2:24)
          21. Fatboy Slim - Slash Dot Dash (2:54)
          22. Psycho Maniak - Deep Shit (5:32)
          23. Psycho Maniak - Deep Space (4:16)
          24. Vangelis - Heaven and Hell Part 1 - So Long Ago, So Clear (22:05)
          25. Vangelis - Heaven and Hell Part 2 (21:20)
          26. Enya - Cursum Perficio (4:09)
          27. Iron & Wine - Woman King (4:24)
          28. Iron & Wine - Evening On the Ground (Lilith's Song) (3:06)
          29. Phil Ochs - The Crucifixion (8:46)
          30. Danzig - Her Black Wings (4:47)
          31. Gary Numan - Dominion Day (4:52)
          32. Gary Numan - Prophecy (5:05)
          33. Gary Numan - Dead Heaven (5:23)
          34. Gary Numan - Innocence Bleeding (4:26)
          35. Gary Numan - The Angel Wars (5:04)
          36. Gary Numan - Absolution (5:00)
          37. Lacuna Coil - Enjoy the Silence (4:10)
          38. :Wumpscut: - Wreath of Barbs (5:27)
          39. Dead Can Dance - The Host of Seraphim (6:20)
          40. Das Ich - Re Animat (4:25)
          41. Vitas Bumac - Opera 2 (3:14)
          41. Vitas Bumac - Lucia di Lammermoor (3:29)
          41. Vitas Bumac - Ulybnis (3:29)
          42. Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah (4:39)
          43. Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah (6:53)

Play it loud.


The question is, can I pull it off?

I'm transitioning in now....
I like the playing of the two Hallelujah versions thang, first you get the obligatory (somewhat boring) one out of the way before whamming in with the definitive version.

Dead can Dance = top mood
You're a heathen.

Sorry. *g*
I'm with Mark. I love Cohen's songwriting, but much like Dylan, I prefer the covers, except for Everybody Knows. As for Hallelujah, I love Buckley but my favorite is k.d. lang.

That is one hell of a playlist. I know it's become cliched, but ye gods, do I love Camina Burana.
This is a *techno* remix of Carmina Burana.

It is all the awesome in the WORLD.
I concur. It's the best version I've heard, hands down.

Man, I gotta find those tracks of Vangelis you mentioned. Me luvs me some Vangelis.
(and I like the lang version too. although i do wish the rest of the album weren't so one-note.)

*looks smug*
It's just two to one I'm right, is all. *g*
I'm right, is all

Do you have any idea how many times I've used that line when people try to tell me the beatles are great?

Concentrate on them both, you'll see, you will...

*looks all knowing*

The Buckley version has some pretty bits. (And I do like it: it's on the list, after all.) but it lacks both the bottom and the soaring quality of the Cohen version.

It's thin.

And then there's that unfortunate whiny emo boy problem.
Get on with your bad self.

*makes note to self: pre-order this book ASAP!*

*Backs carefully away from the Bear, leaving tray of goodies as a distraction*
Where did you get the Apotheosis MP3?

I have that on vinyl of all things (the B side? "The System is Loud") ... which is not conducive to being migrated to one's electronic trinket of choice.
*cough* stole it off the internets about six million years ago *cough*
I don't suppose you'd be interested in making a *cough* archival backup, to be stored on my system?
Drop me an email. *g*
ooh, I should greatly love to hear Apocolyptica playing The Hall of the Mountain King. ^_^
yay for Phil Ochs and Dead Can Dance!
Apocolpytica + ITHotMK = Love. must say.

and generally, a hell yeah, for the playlist. Obviously, I'm going to love this book.
That is, of course, the hope.

One of my protagonists is crunching over insect husks in a lightless command center, currently, while wearing powered armor she has no idea how to operate.

How does that sound?
That is, of course, the hope.

One of my protagonists is crunching over insect husks in a lightless command center, currently, while wearing powered armor she has no idea how to operate.

How does that sound?
Based on the stuff I know: *wants*

The end of that book is gonna kick ass. Or you're gonna kick its ass. Or both.
I love Phil Ochs' stuff, but I think the definitive version of "Crucifixion" is the one done by Jim & Jean. It's only available on vinyl, alas. That's one of the reasons I need to get my vinyl converted to digital.