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it's like the Harper's Index. in Hell.

deathmarch so far:

words since 12:00 AM Monday: 5667
sleep since 6:30 AM Sunday: 9 hours
hours in deathmarch so far: 26
showers: 2
pages written: 29
pots coffee: 1
large mugs salabat: 2
pots tisane: 2 (licorice spice, strawberry kiwi)
pots tea: 1 (black dragonfruit)
dancing: hand-jive
handfuls of nutritional supplements: 2 (flax oil, borage oil, assorted vitamins)
food: pretzel rod, sticky rice with soy sauce, cheese and rosemary crackers, mushroom chicken steamed bun, olives marinated in bay, greek yogurt, cherries, two persimmons with lemon juice, 3 cubes of crystallized ginger; a big bowl of fortified whole-grain angelhair pasta with cheese, a glass of grapefruit/cranberry juice, more pasta (this time lemon pasta with peas and cheese), muesli with 2% milk
alcohol: 4 shots of bourbon
snow: so over
drugs: 4 aspirin, 2 naproxene sodium
conversations with editor, regarding the vagaries of marketing, after which the novel title was changed back to Dust, and no I now have no idea what the series title or the titles of the other two books are going to be: 1
Tags: jacob's ladder

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