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fic: Dead Man's Hand

Remember when I said that "Two Pair of Aces" had a plot somewhere but I couldn't for the life of me find it?

cpolk found it.

And we wrote it. Or, to be fair, mostly she wrote it, and I fussed with her narrative beats and filled in little descriptions of notable places in Las Vegas.

Title: Dead Man's Hand
Author: cpolk and matociquala
Rating:  FRT, conservatively speaking
Pairing: Pairing?
Genre: Gen
Summary: sequel to "Two Pair of Aces." What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... maybe. 
Spoilers: Yes
Disclaimer: legally useless, of course, but no, we don't own any of this.

A Fisher King wound cannot be healed by somebody else. It's not a wound to the body. It's a wound to the memory. A wound to the mind, it's - a wound that only you can find, and a wound that only you can heal...

There's only one question that matters. There's only one really important question - can you forgive yourself?

(story at Chelsea's blog, behind the fakey fake cut tag, as is traditional.)
Tags: fanfiction, geeks with guns

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