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more in the endless stream of Criminal Minds meta....

Re: Empty Planet

Man, the visual gags/contextual storytelling in Empty Planet never let up. There's Garcia's Far Side mug. There's the software company ad on the side of the blowed up bus. There's the Gideon telling the unsub he's living a fiction while the unsub is walking past a library.

Nevermind the fact that a television show episode based around the idea of a thinly disguised Philip K. Dick book DRIVING MEN MAD is a little too much fun.

Re: Lessons Learned

truepenny twigged that Em seems to have a reaction to the word jihad. Which reinforces my suspicion that Whatever the Bad Thing that happened to Prentiss was, it had to do with her being the Middle East. "Fif--twelve years ago?"

Re: Revelation.

They in fact do show, in the teaser, how a single-action revolver works. Also, because this is My Show, and not one of the Other Shows, they show that the gun does not fire, rather than stringing you along.

Funny thing is, people talk about how violent this show is. And it isn't. At least not in terms of acts of violence shown. What it is, is visceral.

This has to be the absolute hairiest episode, and when Reid is being tortured in the first act, we see Charles strike his foot once. We see him taking off Reid's shoes and peeling off his sock, and we have the terrible anticipation, and we see Reid's reaction to being struck (and MGG really rips that up one side and down the other; he does a bangup job) and his pleading and crying throughout.

But they rarely show people actually being hurt. And when they do, often it's at a second remove. The team watching Reid being beaten on live video feed. The DVDs or webfeeds of the victims in *many* episodes: Perfect Storm, PS911, Extreme Aggressor, The Big Game. Crime scene photos rather than shots of the scene. Etc.)

They describe it. And they show other people's reactions to what happened. But what gets people, I think, is that they show fairly realistic depictions of the aftermath of violence.

And snot is not sexy.

But that's okay. Because that blood all over JJ's shirt and her wild hair and her flashbacks are ten times more effective than showing her fighting those dogs.

Emily Prentiss knows how to manage people in crisis. "JJ. Look at me. Look. At. Me. Where's Reid?"

Look at me, JJ. Right here, right now. Me, not the monsters. And she's the first one who twigs that finding JJ and not finding Reid is bad and needs to be addressed now.

Emily's got a stack of very, very dead people somewhere in her past.

Also, the narrative codes Reid female (Spencer Reid, boy hostage) and Elle and Prentiss male. (Where I'm talking about stereotypical gender roles, not reality.) Reid doesn't go on commando raids. And his anger, when we see it, is passive-agressive and sniping. Bitchy. He's not really socialized to understand traditional male roles. But the narrative has gone out of it's way to establish that he likes girls. Rather a lot. When he can get out of his own way.

Yes, I love gender deconstruction.

Just like Elle (and LOOK AT HER NAME, per truepenny) is butcher than any of the male characters. Except, ah, the one who turns out to have been a rape victim.

That bullet is God's will. It's in the right place when Reid needs it. Yanno, the universe in this show? Listens. And man, you may not always like the answer it gives you, because often that answer arrives in the form of a positively Biblical message.

Hah, the narcissism thing? Is totally a shout back to LDSK, and Hotch trusting Reid to read his mind. (Hotch with his hand wanting to cover his mouth in horror but just a little too manly to let his body do it is a beautiful thing. Excuse me while I pause for a moment of sheer, raw Thomas Gibson appreciation. *Moment* ...okay, I could be here all week.)

Yanno, okay, all of the characters' names are puns or allusions of one sort or another. But the Reid/read one is the one I keep tripping on.

"These are my papers. This is my life." Oh yeah. Out usual ration of layered meanings in everything.

And Hotch shouting "Reid!" after the gun goes off is perfect. Fuck stealth, boys, the cavalry is on its way.

And I finally have my Garcia icon. It is true. I love Garcia best.

Yes, there will be "Jones" meta tonight. I couldn't wait, what can I say?

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