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entropy requires no maintenance

As predicted, I am deep in post-novel ennui. It's an act of will to address a letter or answer an email at this point (and of course I have an in-box full of stuff that needs answering and doing, including the galley of "Almost True.".)

But I did get some bills paid today, and some things mailed that needed mailed, and the truck brought in for service, which I have needed to do for (mumble) months now. I may declare Friday and Saturday don't-leave-the-house days, because my ass is officially kicked.

And I need to grow some brain cells back. And also do laundry and clean this pit somewhat. Because you know as soon as you fix or clean something, something else needs fixing or cleaning.

The to-do list for 2007 now looks like this:

For April 1:
Write "Periastron."
Write "Black is the Color."

For April 15:
Revise Dust.

For November 1:
Rewrite All the Windwracked Stars
Revise Hell and Earth

For Dec 31:
write Bone and Jewel Creatures

And then I get to start it up over again with the second book of Dust in winter 2008. Also, the summer is full of conventions. And there will be a Dust revision, of course. And maybe some room for short stories.

I remember short stories.

I used to write those.

Man, progress is good. Traction is good. We like it. We're getting somewhere.

Oh, did I mention that this is a slow year? I only had to write one novel, and that's done now.
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