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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

we all did our best now. we all need to rest now.

Okay, so you could knock me over with a feather now...

via mroctober, who is nominated in the anthology category:

Lambda Literary Awards Announces Finalists

March 1, 2007--Finalists for the 19th annual Lambda Literary Awards were announced on March 1 by the Lambda Literary Foundation. Awards are presented in 25 categories, and winners will be announced on Thursday, May 31, at the Lambda Literary Awards Ceremony in New York City.

Finalists were chosen by a jury of judges who come from all walks of literary life: journalists, authors, booksellers, librarians, playwrights, illustrators. In all, 87 judges participated in the selection of finalists from the pool of 381 books that were nominated.

Please note: Finalists are listed alphabetically by author. The publisher appears in parenthesis.


Carnival by Elizabeth Bear (Bantam Spectra)
Mordred, Bastard Son by Douglas Clegg (Alyson)
A Strong and Sudden Thaw by R.W. Day (Iris Print)
Izzy and Eve by Neal Drinnan (Green Candy Press)
Spin Control by Chris Moriarty (Bantam Spectra)


...I have no idea how it is that Vellum isn't on that list.



Well, it's the beginning of my career unless I get hit by a truck tomorrow....

It's kind of astounding, really.

I don't know Dougless Clegg's works, I'm afraid....
Well, I don;t own an ipod, so we're all good. *g*
WOOT! Congratulations!




Nice job. Good luck!
Congratulations! *applauds*
Hey. that's pretty cool.
Yay! Congratulations!
You are clearly made of awesome. I was originally here for the Criminal Minds meta, but I think I'll friend you, and if you feel like it, you could friend me back:)
Thank you. *g* And welcome, and please feel free to comment or hang out.

The bad news is, I am pushing hard against the limits of my friends-list eading ability, but I can promise to check in once in a while. *g* I almost never post anything flocked, in any case--this is Mr. Public Journal. So you are not missing anything.

Unless I go back on a diet and start posting calorie counts, and nobody really wants to read those anyway.
Oh, well done you!
Wow. Congratulations and good luck! :)
Not only was Hal Duncan absent from the list but so was ellenkushner. And Jim Grimsley's latest as well. So you and Doug beat out some hefty competition.


Love that book...
You are on roll, woman! Hefty congratulations!
My eyes are like cartwheels.
Congrats again - I really enjoyed Carnival (and was very glad you ended it the way you did, btw.)


...I have no idea how it is that Vellum isn't on that list

Hell, yes. Yes, yes, yes. What an incredible book.

The original lady and the tiger ending was cowardice. I knew it would be more critically friendly.

And then I had a big argument with myself, and.... artistic integrity won.
WOOT! Congrats! *moves Carnival up on her reading list* :D

I have such EXCELLENT taste

Now I can say to all my queer friends "I read books by Elizabeth Bear, Lambda Literary Award nominee, before she even WAS a nominee!"

Oooo I am so seldom cutting edge. Fun!


Congrats Ms. Bear. I hope you win.

Re: I have such EXCELLENT taste

*g* You and me both!
Congrats, and good luck!