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i'm not a real doctor but i am a real worm

the thing about the internet is, it makes you realize that the entire world is your backyard, and you know people there.

And apparently, this is my day to bust out all over it.

I've a column up at Subterranean's online magazine, winter 2007: "Dear Patriarchy." As promised, a feminist screed.

And speaking of feminism, a polemic up at the BroadSheet on the need for literary merit, or at least not sucking, in SFF.

My December 4th author chat transcript is up at The Lost and the Damned.

And now, narcissism, good and bad:

jwzero on Fast Forward 1

The Green Man Review on Fast Forward 1

The Austin Chronicle on same.

And also, SFRevu.

thebluerose votes no on Blood & Iron

2ce votes yes, and liked the magic trick. And liked "Orm the Beautiful," too.

crookedfeet liked Hammered.

As did mjlayman.

The Mundane SF blog reviews "War Stories."

...I should eat something today, shouldn't I? Hmm, maybe that explains why I'm dizzy....
Tags: narcissism, pathetic self-promotion, reviews, screeds & manifestos

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